Rocket League Players, This Video Is Essential Viewing To Improve Your 3s Game

We’ve all been stuck with dodgy teammates at some point in Rocket League. Hell, we’ve all been a dodgy teammate at some point, and if you’re thinking, “I absolutely haven’t, I’m excellent all the time and have never whiffed anything in my life!” then you’re wrong, and you should reevaluate what you’re doing and admit to yourself that even you can have a bad day.

Anyway, the pain of being with teammates who seem to be having a bad day is a pain that we all know all too well, and it might even be one that you enjoy. We won’t shame you for that here, don’t worry.

However, we don’t think it’s controversial to assume that the world of Rocket League would be a little better, a little happier, and maybe even a little less toxic if we all worked together to not shout at each other. Now, we don’t know for certain that that’s even possible, but we do know that you can get a lot better without actually having to play the game; you just need to watch the right videos.

Rocket League Players, This Video Is Essential Viewing To Improve Your 3s Game

The chances are that if you’re a Rocket League players who’s ever Googled how to do something in the game, then you’ll likely have come across Wayton Pilkin already. Pilkin is a fountain of useful videos that cover everything from how long you can expect to put into the game before hitting each rank, how to dribble properly, and how to aerial, along with basically everything else.

He absolutely should be one of your first ports of call when trying to learn a new technique along with the likes of other creators like Thanovic and, of course, Lethamyr. All of these creators put out useful videos regularly, but the one we want to talk about today is the latest one from Pilkin, which also happens to include Virge, the coach for Dignitas.

The video has the two coaching a group of Diamonds in an attempt to improve them with only one hour between the first match and the coached matches. While we don’t get an insight into every comment made in the sessions, there are so many useful nuggets of wisdom in here that you should probably make a habit of watching this once a week or so, or at least the coaching session section.

It covers gives some really excellent point on rotations, backboard use, and some light passing play tips as well. It can be hard to let go of the idea that you have to do everything yourself in Rocket League, but when you’re playing with a team, it’s definitely a good idea to trust that team to cover you.

Send this video to your teammates, and you’ll all be far better off for it.

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