Lamborghini Brings New Car, RCLS Events to Rocket League

Maybe you can’t drive a Lamborghini in real life, but at least with the Rocket League Lamborghini crossover event, you can play super football with a jet-powered Lamborghini.

The Rocket League Lamborghini event kicks off April 21, with a new bundle available through April 27.

During the event, you’ll find the Lamborghini Huracán STO Bundle in the Rocket League Item Shop.

For 2,000 Credits, you’ll get:

  • Huracán STO
  • Huracán STO Engine Audio
  • Two sets of Huracán STO Wheels (v1 and v2)
  • Huracán STO Decal, Huracán STO Player Banner and Antenna
  • Lamborghini Antenna

A Lamborghini player banner will also be available for free starting April 21.

That’s not the only thing coming out of the Rocket League Lamborghini crossover though.

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Lamborghini Brings New Car, RCLS Events to Rocket League

Lamborghini is sponsoring the RLCS X Lamborghini Open, the final North American Regional in the RCLS X Spring Split, and the Battle of the Bull.

Rocket League’s Battle of the Bull is a new competitive event pitting some of Rocket League’s top players against each other in 1v1 matches.

There will be five matches total that take place during the Lamborghini Open from April 23 through April 25.

The matches will air live on Twitch with recorded versions airing on the Rocket League Esports Channel the week of April 26.

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