2D Rocket League Is Giving Us Old-School GTA Vibes

If you struggle with the verticality of Rocket League, then this unofficial fan-made 2D version might be right up your street.

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The imaginatively titled Rocket League 2D can be played in your browser and is freely available over at the Skempisty.github page. It's for two players, with one car controlled with W,A,S,D and the other using your keyboard's arrows.

2D Rocket League
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Despite being an unofficial release, the game does use official assets (naughty naughty) including audio like the countdown timer and goal sounds. Hopefully that doesn't cause Psyonix to get the game taken down too quickly as it's a fun little distraction. The top-down perspective is giving us serious OG GTA vibes.too.

It appears the man behind the project, Stephen Kempisty, has more plans for the game too. The description suggests he plans to add in car collision and curved corners - just like it's 3D bigger brother.

Here's hoping we see the improvements before it disappears!

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