Rocket League: If You Commit To Only Going For Demos, You're Not Going To Win

Settle in people; it’s storytime. Over the weekend, I’ve been hammering ranked 3s incredibly hard with my 2s partner. We’re currently both sat in Diamond 3, with them in Div 4 and me in Div 2. We’ve both hit Champ for the first time in 2s in the last month too, so we’re feeling pretty good about our abilities, especially given I was a lowly Platinum back in Season 1.

You’ll notice I’ve only mentioned the one other player here, and that’s purely because, as it stands, we don’t have a consistent third player. That means we’re often at the behest and mercy of whoever we end up with as our third, which can be annoying, but it’s not impossible to work with. There’s an entire article on how to play as a duo and how to play as that third wheel, but that’s not what this is about. This is all about a team we faced off against who gave us the easiest win of our Ranked careers.

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Demos Can Be Great, But Don’t Overdo It

Now, as you’ll have picked up from the title, this particular team was rather committed to blowing us up. A well-timed demo can absolutely change the path of the game. If you can take out the only remaining defender when your teammate is making a shot, then you’re going to get that goal. Likewise, if you can take out the person who’s going to receive a pass, then stopping that goal is far easier.

However, it became clear early on in the match that this wasn’t what the other team was going for. Two of them were partnered up, and their team names were DEMO, and BOOM. I only noticed this after one of them chased me halfway across the field to take me out. That same player continued to try and disrupt us as best they could, but it became predictable pretty quickly, and we started baiting them to jump into our goal to try and destroy us.

This meant that we basically had two opponents most of the time, and as we’re now in high Diamond, we had no issues simply avoiding the demos by listening for the engine sound and jumping. The game went on like this throughout the five minutes of game time, and we ended the game with five goals in our favour, and none against us.

I asked them how they thought the demos were going for them. The person doing them said it had been going well, but the one who wasn’t partnered up with them simply replied with a rather solemn “Not very well.” The message here is a simple one, demos are good, but while you can tilt some people by blowing them up a lot, it’s probably not going to work at even the mid-level ranks, so maybe be a bit more sparing with when you pull them out.

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