Weapon Crafting Simulator codes (January 2024) - Free pets and potions

A Roblox character attacking a wasp in Weapon Crafting Simulator.

A Roblox character attacking a wasp in Weapon Crafting Simulator.
January 18, 2024: We've added a new coin boost code for Weapon Crafting Simulator!

Need some Weapon Crafting Simulator codes? This beloved Roblox game from Imaginationz Studio remains one of the most popular on the entire platform, thanks to its simple premise and dedicated player base.

In this guide, we'll list off all of the free Weapon Crafting Simulator codes you can use to bag in-game items, while also detailing what each one unlocks. That's alongside a few pointers as to where else on the web you can expect Weapon Crafting Simulator codes down the line!

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New Weapon Crafting Simulator codes (January 2024)

  • CoinBoostPlease - Coin boost (NEW)
  • 25kTY - Flaming Pumpkin pet
  • MyPetPlease - Angry Bot pet
  • PotionsFTW - Booster potions
  • Toxic - Luck boost

Expired codes

  • Holy
The code redemption box in Weapon Crafting Simulator on Roblox.
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How to redeem Weapon Crafting Simulator codes

Fortunately, it's very easy to use these Weapon Crafting Simulator codes. In fact, the process is the same on mobile, PC, and console versions of Roblox. This is what to do:

  • Boot up Weapon Crafting Simulator from the Roblox game page.
  • Press the Store icon, and scroll to the right until you get to Codes.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • If the button goes green when you press it, you'll get some freebies in Weapon Crafting Simulator!

What are Weapon Crafting Simulator codes?

So far, Weapon Crafting Simulator codes are a great way to get free pets or temporary stat boosts. Each Weapon Crafting Simulator code is released by Imaginationz Studio, and fortunately we've already seen some fairly good rewards.

Pets are incredibly handy companions to have, as they bolster your attacking stats and mean you can instantly multiply your damage and efficiency without having to grind. You can also get potions to boost your luck and other key stats, eliminating the painful early-game grind altogether.

How to get more Weapon Crafting Simulator codes

Though Weapon Crafting Simulator isn't an especially new Roblox game, new codes still tend to drop fairly often. A new code is currently promised once the game hits 40,000 likes, so keep an eye on the Roblox game page for that.

Alongside the official site, there's also an X page to follow and even a Discord server to join. By keeping an eye on all of those sources, you're bound to spot each and every Weapon Crafting Simulator code.

Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back often, because we'll update our list as soon as new freebies land!

That's all for Weapon Crafting Simulator codes right now. For even more Roblox goodies, bag the latest Adopt Me codes and Shindo Life codes!

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