Slashing Simulator codes (July 2023) - Free diamonds and boosts

Image of Roblox pets in Slashing Simulator.

Image of Roblox pets in Slashing Simulator.
July 10, 2023: We checked for new Slashing Simulator codes.

Looking for the latest Slashing Simulator codes? This Roblox hit from Imaginationz Studio tasks you with chopping down your environment, to earn resources you can put towards boosts and even adorable pet companions. Everybody loves a freebie though, so we've compiled all the codes you can redeem in the game right now.

We'll break down each and every working code in Slashing Simulator, as well as detailing what they unlock. A range of resources are on offer through these coupons, so we'll explain what they do as well. Of course, that's alongside a look at the code redemption process, to save you having to fiddle around in menus.

All working Slashing Simulator codes (July 2023)

  • Woohoo200k - XP boost
  • BugsInvasion - Free pet
  • Woohoo145k - 1-hour XP boost
  • BeachTime - Beachball Pet
  • TradingGG - 1-hour diamond boost
  • woohoo70k - Crypt Spider Pet
  • 17klikesTY - 45-minute luck boost
  • PVPISON - Slash Trail
  • 100k - 1,000 Diamonds
  • questss - 500 Coins

The following Slashing Simulator codes have sadly expired, and no longer work. They were last tested on July 10, 2023.

Expired codes:

  • IWantAGemChest
  • ISeeUpsideDown
  • Goodsidereturns
  • Badsidereturns
  • IFeelStrong
  • BadSide
  • 1MVisits
  • HappyNewYear!
  • ThankYou
Image of the code redemption screen in Slashing Simulator.
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How do I use Slashing Simulator codes?

Redeeming new Slashing Simulator codes is a fairly easy process. Here's what to do:

  • Boot up Slashing Simulator via the Roblox game page.
  • Hit the green Play button.
  • Once loaded in, tap the Twitter bird icon on the dashboard at the bottom.
  • Paste in a code of your choice and hit Return.
  • If the code is working, you'll get your rewards!

What are Slashing Simulator codes?

Slashing Simulator codes are free redeemable coupons brimming with in-game items. From coins to diamonds to new pets, the whole range of resources are on offer through codes. Since the developer chooses the content of each code, they pick the exact contents - and it seems that Slashing Simulator codes are very generous.

Mostly, you'll use Slashing Simulator codes to grab currency or boosts. Diamonds and coins are primarily on offer, used to purchase prize crates. These are random loot chests which can contain anything from new knife skins to pets, meaning you'll definitely want to purchase as many as possible. Therefore, these codes will definitely come in handy!

How do I get more Slashing Simulator codes?

If you've redeemed all the working codes but still have an appetite for more, fear not - new ones are always around the corner! The game constantly promises new codes with updates and at like goals, so the coupons won't be stopping any time soon.

If you want to grab the codes as soon as they land, you're best off checking the game's Roblox page. You'll need to use it to get into the game regardless, but codes are often posted in the description. On top of that, you can follow the game's Twitter page and join the Discord server, where codes can also crop up from time to time.

That's it for the current lot of Slashing Simulator codes! Be sure to check back soon, because we'll update this list as soon as new ones drop. Until then, feel free to redeem the latest Arsenal codes, which constantly drop on Roblox too.

Elsewhere, we've got plenty of other codes for some of the biggest Roblox games on the platform. Check out the latest Slayers Unleashed codes and Project Slayers codes for even more freebies. If you prefer some extra cosmetic items, feel free to redeem these Roblox codes.

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