Rebirth Champions X Codes - Free Boosts and More

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May 23, 2022: There is one new code!

In need of Rebirth Champions X Codes? If this sounds like something you want, then be sure to read on. It's the new Roblox game on the block, and it's sure to impress if you like clicker games.

Rebirth Champions X is a clicker game full of exciting pets to collect and hatch. By clicking, you’ll be able to gradually hatch and raise your pets, unlock new worlds, and buy upgrades. The aim is to be number one - and why wouldn't it be?

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Table of Contents

All Working Rebirth Champions X Codes

  • 50m - Two luck boosts (New!)
  • hell - Two luck boosts
  • steampunk Two luck boosts
  • cave - Two luck boosts
  • easter2 -Two luck boosts
  • easter - Boost
  • 100kthanks - Free boosts
  • 75kthanks - Two luck boosts
  • spooky - Two luck boosts
  • void - Two luck boosts
  • nuclear - Two rebirths boost
  • thanksfor50k - One luck boost
  • 10mthanks - Two luck boosts
  • freeclicksomg - Clicks boost
  • 5klikesthanks - Luck boost
  • already1500likes - Luck boost
  • thanks500likes - Luck boost
  • wow2500likes - 2 Rebirths boost
  • RELEASE - 1k clicks

The following Rebirth Champions X codes were last checked and confirmed expired on April 29, 2022.

Expired codes:

We’ll update this list if we happen to find any expired codes. At the current moment, there are no expired codes.

  • magic - free boosts
  • moon - free boosts

Another new code will arrive when the game reached 150k likes.

A graphic showing how to redeem Rebirth Champions X codes
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How Do I Redeem Rebirth Champions X Codes?

  • Open Roblox and launch Rebirth Champions X
  • Open the shop
  • Enter the code into the prompt box
  • Press enter

Using Rebirth Champions X code

What is Rebirth Champions X?

Rebirth Champions X is a game on Roblox that you can play for free. It’s a clicker/tapper game where you can unlock pets and creatures, unlock new worlds, buy upgrades, and more.

The aim of the game is to become the number one clicker in the universe. Using the codes will also help you on your path to becoming number one, as it will allow you to become stronger.

When Is The Rebirth Champions X Update?


As it says on the Rebirth Champions X Roblox page, the game is updated every three to seven days. When the updates happen, and if there any new codes released along with the updates, they will be added to this very guide page. To hear of them before they release, you might want to slide yourself into the Rebirth Champions X Discord.

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