Pixel Piece Trello link

A Pixel Piece character standing behind a bar.

A Pixel Piece character standing behind a bar.

Looking for the Pixel Piece Trello link? Like the game, it's hard to find. Pixel Piece is the new Roblox One Piece game on the bloc. Even though it ran into a few launch day issues and didn't immediately show up on the platform's search results screen, players have flocked to it like the next big thing.

Down below, we'll quickly toss out the Pixel Piece Trello link as soon as it arrives, and go over everything a Roblox Trello page is typically used for. They're community-curated like a wiki, but generally kept close to the chests of the developers to ensure accuracy. Either way, it's a great source of information to have while you play.

For more on Pixel Piece, check out the Pixel Piece codes guide for a bunch of freebies you can use at launch to get things like free fruits, beli, and stat resets. Plus, if you're after more One Piece-inspired Roblox content, we recommend checking out our list of Haze Piece codes.

What's the Pixel Piece Trello link?

Click this Pixel Piece Trello link to go straight to the game's best source of information.

On the Trello for Pixel Piece, you'll find a bunch of different columns and rows with information like "how to get pixel fruits", all the different Gamepasses you can buy, the races you can choose from at the start, and the best leveling islands to check out.

It even goes into detail about the various fighting styles and weapons you can customize your build with. From Phoenix Style to the Shark Sword, there's a lot to find, and the Pixel Piece Trello will help massively.

How to use the Pixel Piece Trello board

You don't need to log in or sign up to Trello to use the Pixel Piece board. Just click the link and browse it however you like.

Each column focuses on a different aspect of Pixel Piece. Go down each to see things like all the fruits, vehicles, and accessories you'll find in the game right now. Scroll to the right to find more columns, and go straight to the end to the names of the people who put it all together.

Can I edit the Pixel Piece Trello?

No. While the Pixel Piece Trello is public, it isn't one anyone can edit and add things to.

Trello boards are made so that only admins can change and add to them. If there's something missing you want to add, it's best to just bring it up to the developers on the Pixel Piece Discord when it returns. There's also a Pixel Piece Twitter that might help. And if you want to support the game in other ways, there's a Pixel Piece Patreon, too. Expect exclusive leaks there.

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