Grand Pirates Fruit Tier List - What Is the Best Fruit?

Image of the Grand Pirates map on Roblox.

The Roblox platform is always ripe with fresh experiences to try out - but they can be deep, and a little confusing. Luckily, our Grand Pirates fruit tier list is here to help you make sense of the superpowered pickups in this One Piece-inspired Roblox game. You'll want to collect fruit if you're to grow in strength, and we've got all the key details you need.

In this Grand Pirates fruit tier list, we'll rank all of the fruit in the game based on their utility in combat. From there we'll explain which fruits are the best to try and aim for, as well as detail exactly how you unlock all of these exciting powers.

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Grand Pirates Fruit Tier List - What Is the Best Fruit?

Fruit name
Suke, Chop
Kilo, Spike
Barrier, Bomb
Ice, Mera

Since Grand Pirates is such a new game and the meta has yet to be firmly established, our Grand Pirates fruit tier list is reasonably straightforward. We've listed the fruit in the game, with speculative rankings based on our early impressions.

Once the game has been out for longer and seasoned players start developing strategies, we'll give it a refresh. We've based our rankings on the Grand Pirates Trello, which seems like a good place to start.

As per our tier list, the two best Grand Pirates fruits are Suke and Chop. As in the One Piece anime, these fruits grant the consumer special powers that are well worth seeking out.

However, since Grand Pirates is still such a new fixture on the Roblox platform, it's hard to say exactly what each one does. In the anime, Suke grants the eater the power of anybody they touch, while Chop hugely boosts melee abilities. We expect it to be very similar in Grand Pirates, given how faithfully it adapts the source material.

As mentioned earlier, we'll update this section once the best Grand Pirates players have determined which fruits will carry you to victory in combat.

How Do I Get More Grand Pirates Fruit?

There are two main ways to get new fruit in Grand Pirates. You can either spend currency on them, or go hunting in the open world, with the hope of stumbling upon a fruit.

If you opt to purchase a fruit, you can either spend 80 Robux on one, or 500,000 Peli. Evidently, neither option is ideal given you either have to spend real money or an astounding amount of the in-game currency. Therefore, you'll need to save up for a good while if you choose to spend some Peli on fruit.

If you'd rather not spend money, you'll have to hope you get lucky while exploring the open world. New fruit spawn into the world every hour or two at random spots, so you can't just wait somewhere to snag the fruit as it spawns in. You'll need to know the map inside out, and hope that you get to the fruit before anyone else.

On top of that, three new fruits will make their way to Grand Pirates in the near future. As per the Trello, Yami, Smoke, and Nika are all currently in development. You can bet that it'll be a big deal when they finally arrive in the game, so stay tuned.

That's it for our Grand Pirates fruit tier list! Be sure to check back soon when the rankings are updated to suit the upcoming meta, and feel free to redeem some Grand Pirates codes in the meantime. They'll help you find your feet in this exciting new Roblox game.

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