Giant Simulator Codes - Free Gold and More

Artwork for Giant Simulator featuring a fights between a bunch of in-game characters.
January 25, 2022: We checked for new Giant Simulator codes and confirmed which codes have now expired.

The latest Giant Simulator codes won't have you suddenly become the biggest being around, but they can help you quickly accumulate some must-have resources in this ever-popular Roblox RPG. If you're in need of more gold, shells, or snowflake, keeping on top active codes before they expire can keep you a step ahead those who don't.

Developed by Mithril Games, Giant Simulator allows you to jump into a virtual world of giants where everyone is trying to assert their dominance as the strongest behemoth around. With tons of land to explore and myriad tasks to complete, Giant Simulator can help you pass time with friends.

Once you exhaust all there is to see and do in Giant Simulator, refer to our equally gargantuan Roblox guides hub to find new games to play. A bunch of them have codes as well. Right now, Tower Defense: Shinobi codes, True Piece codes, and Shindo Life codes are flying off our virtual shelves.

All Working Giant Simulator Codes

  • meatdept - 20,000 Gold
  • Xbox - 25,000 Gold
  • Mythic - 100,000 Gold
  • MiloEvolved - 10,000 Gold
  • AzadArtifacts03 - 10,000 Gold
  • miloartifacts13 - 10,000 Gold
  • Artifact - 500 Quest Points

The Giant Simulator codes below were last checked and confirmed expired on January 25, 2022.

Expired Codes

  • SUMMER - 1,000 Shells
  • Evolution - 1,000 Eggs
  • EASTER2021 - 1,000 Eggs
  • GiantNewYear - 500 Snowflakes
  • SNOWFLAKES - 500 Snowflakes
  • demonking
  • fiftymill
  • ShyTemple
  • temple
  • PurpleFemTemple
  • SoulFarm
  • mumazingtemple
  • milotemple
  • azadtemple
  • austintemple
  • dantemple
  • GiantTofuu
  • StPatrick
  • RazorFishPets
  • AustinPets
  • AzadPets
  • PlanetMiloPets
  • Clover2020
  • planetmilogaming
  • razorfishgaming
  • Tofuu
  • robzi
  • gravycatman
  • Arena
  • russoplays
Using Giant Simulator codes couldn't be easier.
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How Do I Use Giant Simulator Codes?

  • Launch the game from the Giant Simulator page on Roblox
  • Tap the settings icon at the corner of the screen
  • Click on the “Enter code” option featured in the pop-up settings menu and enter the respective code
  • Click on 'Apply Code' to claim the respective freebies

Using Giant Simulator codes is a quick and easy process. Rather than having them locked behind a convoluted redemption method and a dedicated group linked to your Roblox account, the developers have leaned on the trusty Twitter icon button. Just click or tap the button on the right side of your screen, enter your Giant Simulator codes in the box that appears, and press the big enter button below to claim your goodies.

When Is the Next Giant Simulator Code Drop?

There's no word yet on when new Giant Simulator codes are expected to drop, but given the new Winter event just hit the game, it's fair to assume new codes are on the horizon. Giant Simulator added new codes for snowflakes during last year's Winter event, after all. And it's no stranger to event-exclusive codes. From eggs for easter to snowflakes for Winter, repeat events typically give out the same tokens, so new snowflake codes in Giant Simulator are probably right around the corner. Bookmark this page and check back often for new ones.

Giant Simulator codes can be used as soon as you start the game.
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How Do I Play Giant Simulator?

Giant Simulator uses a gameplay mechanic seen in a lot of other Roblox "simulator" titles—most notably Anime Fighting Simulator. In it, you start as a thin and rather unintimidating warrior. The more you play, the bigger and badder you get.

You don't even really need to do any one specific thing to grow in strength. Getting into fights certainly helps, but even just walking and jumping around will earn you points that can quickly build up to make you big and buff. Train up, grab some gear, and take on other giants.

And if you need to get your bearings before you go on the offensive, just tap the little house icon on the right of the screen. This whisks you away to a village where nobody can hurt you. Here, you'll be able to use the cash earned through the current Giant Simulator codes to buy a new pet and a cool new skin from the gacha boxes scattered around towm.

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