Fishing Frontier Codes - Free Gems and More

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Key art for Fishing Frontier featuring a sunny beach and some Roblox characters.
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January 18, 2022: No new Fishing Frontier codes have been added.

Diving deep for the latest Fishing Frontier codes? You're certainly not alone. This hit Roblox game sees you living your best life on a sunny island packed full of fun activities to partake in and animals to spot. Hailing from developer Cloud Entertainment, this one offers a fun, laid-back experience for those looking to catch some fish and just generally have a chill time.


That said, there's still plenty of need for in-game currency, including those all-important gems, which is where this Fishing Frontier codes guide comes into play. See, we've compiled the codes that'll net you the latest freebies, meaning you won't need to sift through social media for them. Use these, and you're sure to become the fanciest-looking beach-goer around in no time.

If you're in need of other Roblox freebies, we also keep regularly updated lists of the latest and greatest games on the platform. We have Bubble Gum Tower Defense codes, Pet Simulator X codes, and even Blox Fruits codes if you want to play something a little more action-packed. Now, on with the guide!

All Working Fishing Frontier Codes

  • There are currently no working Fishing Frontier codes. Check back soon

Expired codes:

The Fishing Frontier codes below were last checked and confirmed expired on January 18, 2022.

  • ChrimusPresent - 300 gems (NEW)
You can use Fishing Frontier codes by tapping the final button on the menu and entering each code.

How Do I Redeem Fishing Frontier Codes?

As with most Roblox games, Fishing Frontier includes a super-simple code redemption system. However, we've still laid out some step-by-step instructions down below to make sure you don't put a foot wrong.

  • Start up Fishing Frontier via the game's official Roblox page
  • Click or tap on the tickets icon at the bottom-right side of your screen
  • Copy and paste a code from the list above into the box, then hit redeem
  • Find your rewards within your in-game inventory

What Are Fishing Frontier Codes?

Fishing Frontier codes are your standard Roblox freebie codes given out by the game's developer whenever it happens to hit a specific player milestone, like a certain number of likes. In the case of Fishing Frontier, you can expect to earn some free gems by redeeming the latest codes.

Future Fishing Frontier codes could offer alternative rewards, but this is still unconfirmed at the time of writing. Also note that you should redeem Fishing Frontier codes as soon as they drop, as they're unlikely to remain active forever.

How Do I Get More Fishing Frontier Codes?

Fishing Frontier codes are no different to most Roblox rewards, in that they typically land on the game's social channels first. You'd be wise to follow the game's developer over on Twitter and join the official Discord channel to stay up to date on the latest news and freebies.


Alternatively, you could always bookmark this page and check back at a later date, as we'll be sure to add any new codes as soon as they arrive. Oh, and you can likely speed up the release of new codes by heading over to the game's Roblox page and giving it a big thumbs up.

What's the Latest Fishing Frontier Update?

  • Reverted Port Jackson
  • Removed limited items from Finn's shop, Dekard's boat, and skin chests.
  • Special fishing areas are now open for an hour
  • Pharaoh's Dune objective marker has been fixed

With the developers now back from the holiday break, the latest Fishing Frontier update was added on January 9.

After players weren't too happy with the previous update, the game team vowed to update the game more steadily in the new year while working diligently to fix the issues before adding additional new content planned for the Fishing Frontier remaster. As such, the first Fishing Frontier update of 2022 hasn't added much more than what you see above.

Fishing Frontier and Fishing Simulator are interchangable.

Is Fishing Frontier and Fishing Simulator the Same Game?

Fishing Simulator and Fishing Frontier are the same game. At least on Roblox. The names appear interchangeable, with developers Cloud Entertainment swapping them around at least twice in the past. As of January 2022, the game name seems to have swapped back to Fishing Simulator. We'll keep both pages updated with the same codes just in case, so it's up to you whether you look for Fishing Simulator codes or stick with this guide here.


And that's it for our Fishing Frontier codes guide right now. With development shifting to make it a better game rather than a more feature-rich one, it could be some time before players have brand-new content to work through. Even still, new Fishing Frontier codes will continue to be published to keep everyone busy.