Derelict Seas Trello link - Tips and game details

Image of the character performing a water special move in Derelict Seas.

Image of the character performing a water special move in Derelict Seas.

Looking for the Derelict Seas Trello? This new One Piece game from Roblox developer Mxstified was one of the biggest 2022 drops on the whole platform. As such, dedicated players will want to read up on all the details of the game, to be totally ready for its launch later down the line.

In this Roblox guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Derelict Seas Trello board. This is where you'll find out plenty of useful information about the game, as well as all the meta tips you'll ever need. Using this guide, you'll be ready for battle in no time!

What is the Derelict Seas Trello link?

Unfortunately, the Derelict Seas Trello board isn't live just yet. While other hubs for the game, such as its Roblox game page and Discord server are live, the Trello hasn't gone public just yet.

When the Derelict Seas Trello does go live, we'll update this guide with the link so you can go straight there. It'll save you a lot of time browsing for it online, which can otherwise be spent playing Derelict Seas itself.

Luckily, it has been confirmed that a Trello is on the way for this game. When you go on the Discord server and look at the key info available, there's a spot for the Trello link. Once it lands there, you'll know that all that key information is ready to check out.

What's in the Derelict Seas Trello?

Once the Derelict Seas Trello board launches, the chances are it'll be brimming with information. Most Roblox games have a Trello board detailing all the various items, powers, NPCs, and races within the game. Expect it to be a very similar deal with the Derelict Seas Trello.

Expect the Derelict Seas Trello to be very similar. Given it's a game inspired by the One Piece anime, you'll end up learning about the various devil fruits in the game which each provide a different superpower based on which one you're using. Alongside various tier lists based on the rarity of other items or classes in the game, it's a hugely helpful place to go. Especially if you're new to the game, it'll help you figure out what's what in Derelict Seas.

That's it for our look at the Derelict Seas Trello board! Elsewhere, check out our Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes for freebies in two of the most popular games on all of the Roblox platform. That's alongside some other Roblox codes, to get free cosmetic items to use alongside your blocky character.

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