Derelict Seas Discord link - How to get access and support

Image of two Roblox characters fighting in Derelict Seas.

Image of two Roblox characters fighting in Derelict Seas.

Looking for the Derelict Seas Discord link? This new game from Mxstified is bringing the One Piece anime to Roblox once again. If you're ready to dive in but want a few tips from the community before you play, then the Discord is definitely worth checking out.

In this Roblox guide we'll break down how you can join the Derelict Seas Discord, including that all-important joining link. That's alongside details of the range of chat and help you can find within, so you know whether it'll solve your problems or not.

What is the Derelict Seas Discord link?

You can join the Derelict Seas Discord by following this link. As long as you're logged into your Discord account, following the link and tapping through the menus should get you signed up in no time.

After a brief verification process, you'll be able to access all of the various channels and chatrooms within the server. Note that it is still fairly sparse right now as the game is fairly new, with it likely getting more detailed as it releases properly.

Once you're in, you'll never need to worry about accidentally leaving and having to sign back in. You'll remain in the Derelict Seas Discord server until you feel like leaving. If the notifications are a bit too much but you still want the valuable dev updates from the server, you can easily mute it to ensure that key information stays around.

Image of the Derelict Seas Discord.
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What's in the Derelict Seas Discord?

Once you've typed '/getrole' into the Verify channel, you should be able to see all the various rooms within the Derelict Seas Discord. Within are all the sort of channels you'd expect, from a log dedicated to updates from the developer to a room where you can provide suggestions for the final game.

It's still fairly small right now, but the the general chat channel is the most active right now. It's full of people asking questions about Derelict Seas, and is great if you want to find a community ready for when it eventually launches.

However, in its pre-release state the channels you use most will probably be the game news and announcement log. Expectations are undoubtedly high given the reputation of developer Mxstified, so any sneak peeks at Derelict Seas are bound to be appreciated by the community.

That's it for our look at the Derelict Seas Discord server! Head to the Fruit Piece Discord server for tips on the new One Piece game, with some codes to boot. In case you want freebies in one of the biggest games on the platform, look no further than our Pet Simulator X codes. There are lots of items on offer in Roblox!

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