Dance Moms Studio codes (February 2024)

Multiple characters at the playground in Dance Moms

Multiple characters at the playground in Dance Moms
February 5, 2024 - We've updated our list of Dance Moms Studios codes.

To make it easier for you to find songs to dance to, we have prepared Dance Moms Studio codes for you. Roblox is a gaming platform where players can find something for themselves. One of these games is Dance Moms Studio, and if you are a fan of the Dance Moms TV series, then it is just for you.

Below you will find a list of codes and instructions on how to use them. You can save this article and use the codes later, as they aren’t time-limited.

All working Dance Moms Studio codes (February 2024)

The list below will expand your collection of songs in Dance Moms Studio on Roblox!

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Dance Moms Studio Codes

153702145Cry (Maddie Solo)
772730877Boss Ladies
1533226945Lemonade (Kenzie)
5625604938Pink Lemonade Broadway Puppies
6116480363Pink Lemonade
208119772Stomp the Yard (Heartbeat)
210735798Frost by Rachel Sage
213055422Amber Alert (Touch)
214482544Dance Doctor (I’ll Be Your Dance Dr.)
215047238Electricity (Jojo Siwa Solo)
245605333Open Waters
248255922Stomp the Yard
281236293Always a Bridesmaid
382415181Better Off Now
386647604Ease on Down the Boulevard
591108974The Elites
879563265Eat Chips
879563665Sink or Swim
1146771026The Last Dance
1154367713Spy Hot Ties From
1157282309Spy Girls Featured on
1172176903The Waiting Room
1268575380Beautiful Bizzare
1276828894We Believe Trio!
1277812099Alice Theme
1282691842Yum Yum
1282932563Maddie & Chloe Duet
1383033192Abbys Angels
1507702657Wishbone (Pai Ge and Chloe)
1598845354Bully (Mackenzie)
1598846642Elliana Wamsley Music
1609295302Freak Brynn Rumfallo Hip Hop Solo
1613135953 The Minis Group Dance Cali Cuties
1613236356Lilli Full Solo Route
1625796774The Minis Group Dance Gossip Girls
1766799600Together We Stand
2160593376People Song
2628175707Ooh La La
2790811699Last One Standing
3250752418Freak Show
3282311062Witches of East Canton
3294291061Light My Fire
3371515781Paint the Pictures Brooke
3371656190The Game of Love
3375013125Born to Dance
3375259459Ups and Downs
3375344110Arm Yourself
3376083676Dancing Barefoot
3376822845Dance with the Devil
3391686845Living with the Ribbon
3394317705Les Divas
3399555895Get Up Get Loud Get Tough
3420144418All Eyes On Me
3420169289Born to Sing
3427967893I Want It
3437365729Blue Moon
3444168137Lights Camera Action
3444191858I Wanna Dance
3453341358All I Want (Mackenzie’s Solo)
3475854696Care Less
3486442320On The Edge Of My Seat
The Robot (2 Minutes Long)3487014167
3518855954Is There Still Hope? (Shorter)
3535439284Electricity – Ashley Jana
3539586621Break Me Song
3575643627Twisted Two Song
3582886035The Favourite
3587724852The One
3589950184Gemini Song
3596910347Just Be Song
3612266624Metamorphosis Song
3631223998Mouse Trap
3636982691Mission Possible
3636986552Sugar and Spice Song
3636988619Cast Away Song
3657708169Masked Song
3724886276Black Widow
3739510426Shame Song
3750290551 Aria
The Roblox character is looking at the laptop in Dance Moms
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How to redeem codes in Dance Moms Studio

  • Turn on the radio by pressing "E."
  • Enter any of the active codes provided above into the text field.
  • Press "Play" to verify that the song has started.

That's all for today! If these codes were useful for you and you were able to find the song you need, then you can check out our other articles to find codes for different games.

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