Clover Retribution magic tier list (November 2023)

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Roblox person stands in front of house holding glowing green magic book
Credit: Clover Retribution, via Roblox
November 21, 2023: We've updated our Clover Retribution magic tier list.

With so many different schools of magic, picking which type of magic to specialise in can be quite a challenge in Clover Retribution. If you're not able to decide for yourself, perhaps our magic tier list for Clover Retribution will be able to help you out.

In Clover Retribution, players role-play in a Roblox world that draws inspiration from the Black Clover anime. The main focus of the game is to complete quests, levelling your character up in combat and spellcasting. In this guide, our tier list will break down the best magic types in Clover Retribution. We'll also provide tips on how to level up your magic mastery to unlock more spells in the future.

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Roblox woman opens grimoire book that reads "Magic Mastery: 0"
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Credit: Clover Retribution, via Roblox

Clover Retribution tier list - what type of magic is the best?

Below is our tier list of all the magic types in Clover Retribution. Each type of magic has several different spells, so the rankings are based on their total spell strength.

Tier Magic Types
SHealing, Fire
AWind, World Tree

How do you upgrade your magic in Clover Retribution?

As you use your spells in Clover Retribution, they will grow in power over time. The more you cast a spell, the stronger it will become, gaining Clovers on your spell as you use it.

Your spells can upgrade in many ways, with damage increases and cooldown reductions possible results of upgrades. In some cases, some spells will completely transform when upgraded.

You can gain up to three Clovers per spell. If you collect three Bronze Clovers, you'll earn a Silver Clover. The same applies to three Silver Clovers converting to a Golden Clover. Once you've obtained three Golden Clovers, you'll have maxed out the spell's mastery.

How do you unlock more magic types in Clover Retribution?

In Clover Retribution, most spells can be earned by the player by leveling up their magic mastery. Players will increase their magic mastery by casting spells; therefore, the more spells you cast, the more different spells you'll be able to learn.

However, some spells may have other prerequisites, such as defeating a specific boss or completing a certain quest. Although the vast majority are available through your magic mastery, to become a master wizard you'll have to work your way through Clover Retribution's many quests and bosses.

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