Blending Simulator 2 Codes - Free Dollars and Tokens

Image of a Roblox factory in Blending Simulator 2.

Image of a Roblox factory in Blending Simulator 2.
April 19, 2022: We checked for Blending Simulator 2 codes, and added four new codes.

Looking to redeem some Blending Simulator 2 codes? You're in the right place, because we've got a comprehensive list of all working freebies in this Roblox simulation game from Blend Productions. It tasks you with making your own smoothie factory, creating a line of fruity drinks to sell.

This Blending Simulator 2 codes guide will not only run through all the coupons currently available in the game, but we'll also explain the code redemption process, and cover how to get more codes without checking back here every ten minutes.

Once you've redeemed your codes, you can go and explore some of the other gems the Roblox platform has to offer. We've got Pet Simulator X codes and Anime Punching Simulator codes for you to use. Outside of Roblox, why not check out our AFK Arena tier list for some mobile MOBA action?

All Working Blending Simulator 2 Codes

  • trollbridge - $25 (NEW)
  • jungletreeee - $1,000 (NEW)
  • ownerhideout - $1,500 and 100 XP (NEW)
  • palmtop - $1,500 (NEW)
  • 50kfavorites - 15 Blend Tokens, $5,000, 3 Golden Touch Tokens
  • 10klikes - 15 Blend Tokens, $5,000, 5 Golden Touch Tokens
  • goldentouch - 1 Golden Touch Token
  • code_menu - $2,000

The following Blending Simulator 2 codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on April 19, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • discord2k
  • 2mvisits

We expect more new Blending Simulator 2 codes to drop when the game hits 15k likes.

Image of the Blending Simulator 2 code redemption screen.
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How Do I Use Blending Simulator 2 Codes?

  • Boot up Blending Simulator 2 via the link or by searching on the Roblox site
  • Make your way through the tutorial to unlock the settings menu.
  • Tap Settings and find the code redemption box
  • Paste in your Blending Simulator 2 codes one by one and hit the button

Redeeming your Blending Simulator 2 codes is quite a lengthy process. That's because you need to make your way through the tutorial before you can access the settings menu.

The game guides you through setting up your first factory, and once you've produced a smoothie, you can get into settings. After that, subsequent Blending Simulator 2 codes won't take long at all to enter. Follow the steps above to get it done.

What Are Blending Simulator 2 Codes?

Blending Simulator 2 codes are free redeemables you can use to grab in-game items. Codes are common in most Roblox games, letting the developers gift players with any items of their choice. In the case of Blending Simulator 2, codes most often dish out dollars and tokens, two of the most useful assets.

The utility of dollars in Blending Simulator 2 is clear. They're used to purchase new items and ingredients for your smoothie factory. Blend Tokens and Gold Touch Tokens are also quite useful. Blend Tokens are used to purchase some of the rarest items in the shop, making it a premium currency similar to Robux.

Gold Touch Tokens are a little different. They give you a dollar gain boost when activated, so you'll only want to use these when you know you're going to be grinding for a while. Both are helpful resources, however, and you'll definitely want to redeem Blending Simulator 2 code for them.

How Do I Play Blending Simulator 2?

  • Search for Blending Simulator 2 on the Roblox website, or follow the game page link above.
  • Tap the avatar, and it'll take you to the main profile.
  • Hit the big green play button, and Blending Simulator 2 will start loading up!

Firing up Blending Simulator 2 for a session doesn't take long at all. Once you're through that initial tutorial, you'll be able to drop back into the game with ease. Just follow the steps above to get started.

How Do I Get More Blending Simulator 2 Codes?

As a game that's clearly here to stay, you can expect plenty of Blending Simulator codes to arrive in the near future. Therefore, we've provided a few links to some useful places to check for codes in the future, so you can redeem any and all coupons that arrive.

Firstly, you'll want to keep close tabs on the game's page on Roblox. The latest working code is always in the top line of the description, which makes it very hard to miss.

After that, we recommend subscribing to the developer Kasjmir on YouTube, as well as joining the Blend Productions Discord server. They're also linked on the game page, so don't be surprised to see codes arriving on those platforms in the future.

Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back regularly. We'll be updating our list as soon as new codes arrive, so if you don't want to mess around with social media, you can stick with us. While we wait for more codes to arrive, why not redeem some Blox Fruits codes and Slayers Unleashed codes to keep the Roblox fun going?

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