The Best Roblox Clicker Games (May 2022)

If you’re looking for the best Roblox clicker games, you’ve come to the right place. The clicker subgenre is a curious one built around watching numbers climb ever higher, then reaping the rewards of your patience. It’s an experience more focused on a single aspect than most Roblox games, which means it’s often harder for clicker games to, well… click with players.

This guide lists the five best Roblox clicker games in no particular order. It also explains how they work and what makes them worth your time.

Once you’ve had your fill of clickers we’ve got plenty more Roblox goodness to help keep you busy. Check out our Anime Punching Simulator codes and All Star Tower Defense codes to fast track your way to glory, and if you’re in a more business-like mood, check out our Pet Simulator X trade values list to get the most from your goods.

The Best Roblox Clicker Games for May 2022

We've picked some of the most interesting and rewarding clicker games. Some are just huge, with no end of things to do, while others are

Anime Clickers Simulator

The cream of the crop has to be Anime Clickers Simulator. It’s a vast game with expansive anime-inspired worlds to explore, dozens of companions to roll for, a crafting system, and frequent new updates with new worlds and more.

Best of all, it’s loaded with helpful rewards that push your click count ever higher and take the grind out of it. You can get most of these from just playing the game, though Anime Clickers often has codes for free boosts as well.

Clicker Simulator

If you’re after a more traditional clicker experience without the anime trappings, Clicker Simulator is for you. It’s less about amassing an army of anime followers and exploring their worlds and more focused on boosting your stats, obtaining rare pets, and unlocking new areas inspired by the real world, such as jungles and islands.

The goal is hatching eggs and getting rare pets to boost your click rate even further, and the numbers reach astounding heights if you play your cards right. Check out our Clicker Simulator codes list for even more boosts to help you get there.

Tapper Simulator

Tapper Simulator doubles down on the pets even more than Clicker Simulator. Your goal is obtaining enough clicks to rebirth with more gems and tapping multipliers, to repeat the process and end up with a staggering number of clicks when all is said and done.

Pets are key to realizing these goals, and Tapper Simulator gives you control over how these pets function and evolve. Using the crafting machines gives you a chance of obtaining special effects for your pets that augment their abilities even further.

Rebirth Champions

Rebirthing plays an important role in most Roblox clicker games, but even more so in Rebirth Champions. You’ll rack up clicks and points, then rebirth for a chance to get excellent multipliers and see those numbers keep climbing higher. Pets still play a part in getting the best multipliers, so plan on opening plenty of Eggs.

The rates and methods for obtaining eggs are a bit less forgiving than some other clicker games, though. Expect to be in it for the long haul with this one, but you’ll see your work pay off thanks to Rebirth Champions’ leaderboards.

Candy Clicking Simulator

Finally on our list is Candy Clicking Simulator. There’s functionally not much different about it compared to other Roblox clicker games, but Candy Clicking Simulator wraps it all in… well, a candy coating.

Playing Candy Clicking Simulator is walking into a candy shop come to life, with pastel worlds dripping in sweet treats, secrets to uncover around every corner – and apparently a nuclear bomb weapon, if you feel like sweeping the leaderboards in a less-than-fair manner.

If you're looking for a different kind of Roblox experience, check out our picks for the best One Piece-inspired Roblox games as well.

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