Anime Punching Simulator Grimoire Tier List

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June 10, 2022: We're going to look into updating the Anime Punching Simulator Grimoire tier list more frequently. Some more new Grimoires have been added since we last tweaked it.

Brushing up on the best Anime Punching Simulator Grimoire tier list is a good way to save on the grind. The right Grimoire can give you not just a substantial Energy boost, but even a Gem boost and more. More Gems in your pocket means more islands you can visit and more boosts to power up with.

This Anime Punching Simulator tier list breaks down the best Grimoires based on what they get you. We’ll keep it updated in case the developer adds more, so check back with each update to see what’s changed.

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Anime Punching Simulator Grimoire Tier List

Wizard King, Golden, Wizard Demon, Black Hole
Shadow, Terrain, Wind, Shadow Magic
Mount, Iron, Nature
Fire, Ice, Lava

As mentioned, we’ve listed these based on what they give you in terms of boosts. Unlike other Roblox anime games, Anime Punching Simulator Grimoires don’t have a significant effect on your punching abilities. They just help you gain materials, so there’s no reason to stick with a lower-tier Grimoire if you have a higher rated one. Your style is better served by grinding for more and better Grimoires.

How to Get More Grimoires in Anime Punching Simulator

The better Grimoires are boss drops, but they’re also completely random. You could get lucky and find, say, a Black Hole Grimoire after two boss fights – or it might take 10. Or more. Right now, though, it’s the only way to get more and better books to power up.

How to Get More Energy and Gems in Anime Punching Simulator

The developer also posts promotional codes for the game from time to time. We’ve collected them in our up-to-date Anime Punching Simulator codes list, so make sure to bookmark that page and check them out on a regular basis. New codes usually drop with new updates or the game reaching major milestones.

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