Anime Guardian Codes - Free Gems and Legendary Pulls

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anime guardian codes, roblox

If you need a helping hand, these Anime Guardian codes will help you get better and better in the game.

This particular Roblox game is based on a gacha system, so unfortunately you won’t be guaranteed any specific characters to use. But, this adds a fun surprise element whenever you spin for a new fighter. Each of them has different abilities, too, that will help defend your tower and keep the approaching enemies at bay. You can also use Gems to buy the summons, which work the same as spinning for a new character. Thankfully, these codes will give you some pulls for guaranteed legendary characters as well as stacks of Gems to spend. If any new codes are released, we’ll add them here, and we’ll keep testing them to make sure previous codes are usable.

Let's Play Roblox

Let's Play Roblox

If this isn't enough to satiate your anime needs, then we have a ton of other code lists for other Roblox experiences. Why not try Shindo Life, or Anime Online - or even Your Bizarre Adventure for a Jojo themed game.

Table of Contents

All Active Anime Guardian Codes

These are all of the working Anime Guardian codes, confirmed as of May 12, 2022. If any new codes crop up, or any expire, we'll update our list.

  • welcometodiscord - 200 Gems
  • gem200-1 - 200 Gems
  • 1000likes - 200 Gems
  • 500likes - Super Legend Pull
  • 2022 - Redeem to get a Legend, after finishing the tutorial
  • FreeGem200 - 200 Gems

Expired Codes

There are no expired Anime Guardian codes as of May 2022.

How To Redeem Anime Guardian Codes

anime guardian codes, roblox
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Redeeming these codes in the game is a little different to most other Roblox games. In order to unlock the code redemption option, you need to complete the tutorial. Once you've done that, you'll need to locate the Mr. Popo character in the lobby - he has codes written above his head. Press E, and the code box will pop up. Copy and paste the codes into the box, hit yes, and then you'll get your free stuff.

What Is Anime Guardian?

Anime Guardian is essentially a tower-defense game, where you can use your favourite anime characters as your teammates. You are the Guardian, and you must stop waves of enemies from harming your base and its inhabitants. You can place characters as towers to defend, while you zip around throwing shurikens at any enemies you see. The more you play, the more you progress, and get better characters to use.