Anime Digging Simulator Codes - Free Boosts and More

Anime Digging Simulator art.

Anime Digging Simulator art.
July 5, 2022: We checked and added a new code!

Anime Digging Simulator is a fairly new game in the Roblox community, but it is one worth keeping your eye on if you want a fun experience. It was fully released just over 24 hours ago at the time of writing. As always, there will be Anime Digging Simulator codes to give you a boost.

If you want to become God-like, then this is the game for you. It's all about breaking through walls, earning tokens, and then using the tokens to increase your stats to become as strong as possible and become superhuman until you become a God.

If you like this guide, then check out our Shindo Life codes guide. Or, if you like to catch cute doodles and do pet battles, check out our Doodle World codes guide for more information. We have plenty of Roblox guides for you to look over at your leisure. For what it's worth, don't confuse Anime Digging Simulator codes for Digging Simulator codes. They're two different Roblox games.

Anime Digging Simulator Codes

  • UPDATESOON - 7.5K Strength (NEW)

The following Anime Digging Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expire don June 14, 2022:

Expired Codes

  • Because no Anime Digging Simulator codes have dropped yet, none have expired either

There's no word on when new Anime Digging Simulator codes might drop in the future.

The Anime Digging Simulator codes screen.
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How Do I Redeem Anime Digging Simulator Codes?

  • Launch Roblox and open Anime Digging Simulator
  • Click the blue codes button on the left of the screen
  • Input the code
  • Press redeem
  • The code will now successfully be redeemed

You can redeem Anime Digging Simulator codes as soon as you drop into the game. Just tap the codes button at the top of the left-most menu set to get started. Plug a code into there, tap redeem, and you'll get your goods.

There's no tutorial to finish or mailbox to seek out here. Any codes you enter will immediately drop their rewards into your account.

How Can I Get More Anime Digging Simulator Codes?

There are multiple ways to keep up to date with the creators and find out if they're releasing their codes on social media.

In-game, they tell you to follow them all separately on Twitter so that you can get some special code redemptions. Their Twitters are: @Vall__Sama, @XurySenpai, and @Wrenxis. You can also join their official community server on Discord where they may drop some codes there.

Of course, as soon as any new codes come out, we will update this guide to replicate that so that you don't miss out on any codes either.

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