Anime Cross World Codes - Free AC and More

Image from Anime Cross World, showing two fighters in action

Image from Anime Cross World, showing two fighters in action
February 15, 2022: We checked for new Anime Cross World codes.

On the lookout for Anime Cross World codes to redeem? The anticipated game from Astral Games came out of early access in February 2022 after a period of paid-for testing, and is now available for all to play. It's one of the most detailed RPG worlds on the Roblox platform, and the chances are you'll want some freebies to help make the early hours that little bit easier.

Our list of Anime Cross World codes includes all current coupons you can redeem, on top of an explanation of what they do. We'll also go over the code redemption process, as well as pointing out a few other places to check for future goodies when they drop.

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All Working Anime Cross World Codes

  • :code 2KLIKES - 200 AC
  • :code LETMESLEEP - 100 AC

The following Anime Cross World codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on February 15, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • :code LAUNCH
Screenshot of the Anime Cross World menu, with the chat box in the corner to redeem codes.
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What Are Anime Cross World Codes?

At the moment, Anime Cross World codes are free redeemables giving you access to in-game items. Currently, the two active codes will give you 300 AC, which is a premium currency used to purchase rolls.

These rolls let you unlock a new perk for your character, which can encompass anything from your punching and kicking power to upgraded running stats. It's a handy way to level up as you first start the game, instead of worrying about completing quests to accrue cash. You can then instantly equip your new perks to your character, making the difficulty curve just a bit easier.

In the future, don't be surprised to see Anime Cross World codes giving players free cash or even more AC. Other than grinding out quests, the only way to get your funds up is by spending Robux, so these codes will definitely come in handy down the line.

How Do I Use Anime Cross World Codes?

Compared to a lot of Roblox games where there's a dedicated code redemption button, Anime Cross Worlds makes it slightly more difficult. Luckily, we've got some tips on how to do it, on both PC and mobile.

  • Boot up Anime Cross World, either via the Roblox game page or the mobile app.
  • Once in a lobby, tap the chat box icon.
  • Paste a code from our list into the chat box, including the ':code' tag.
  • Hit return, and the code will give you access to the rewards!

How Do I Get More Anime Cross World Codes?

As a game that's only set to grow in popularity, the chances are you'll want more Anime Cross World codes in the future. Luckily, we've compiled a few handy places worth checking for future codes, so you never need to miss out on any of the freebies.

While there aren't codes on the Roblox game page just yet, it's a good resources to keep tabs on. The description always contains details on new updates, so codes could easily arrive there later down the line. On top of that, it's worth following the developer on Twitter, as well as the Astral Games Discord server. That's where codes are most likely to land, so those places are good to hop into.

Equally, it's worth bookmarking this page and checking back regularly. We'll be updating our list as soon as new Anime Cross World codes arrive, so if you don't want to fuss about with chat logs and social media, you can simply come back here for all the freebies you need!

What Is The Latest Anime Cross World Update?

The latest update to Anime Cross World, version 1.3, arrived on February 8, 2022. It added plenty of exciting new additions, which we've listed below:

  • New Awakenings, available after the second reincarnation
  • Vanity Pass, which can be purchased from the store for 250 Cosmic Coins. Hides all cosmetic items including accessories and shirts, and lets you use your own inventory of items.
  • Proximity prompts on beacons and NPCs

That's it for our Anime Cross World codes! We've gone over all the current freebies, while also breaking down the code redemption process. With this in your arsenal, you'll be unlocking the best perks in no time! If you're deep in the biggest RPG release of the year, check out pages like our Lost Ark - Tragedy Written in Stone quest guide and learn how to farm Lost Ark Harmony Shards as well.

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