Anime Clone Tycoon Codes - Free Gems and More

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January 25, 2022: We searched for new Anime Clone Tycoon codes and checked those in the active and expired sections.

You're certainly not alone if you often find yourself searching high and low for some Anime Clone Tycoon codes. This popular anime-inspired Roblox hit challenges you to build up your own personal base, perform research, and amass wealth, then use your newfound resources and smarts to develop an army of powerful clones to do your bidding.


It can be tricky to dominate the centre of the game's map, which is one of your main goals, so it's no surprise that many players come looking for freebie codes to unlock helpful boosts or items. Unfortunately, while the game's Discord server does have a codes channel, its developer is yet to release a single code. Darn!

If you just can't leave empty-handed, know that we also keep regularly updated lists of Shindo Life codes, Pet Simulator X codes, and even True Piece codes. You're sure to find endless freebies over that way. And just because we're currently a little light on free Anime Clone Tycoon rewards, doesn't mean it'll always be that way, so it's worth checking back with the game's social channels or even this page to be safe.

All Working Anime Clone Tycoon Codes

  • 50KLIKES - Gems
  • 25klikes - 300 gems
  • 10klikes - 300 gems

Expired codes:

There are still no expired Anime Clone Tycoon codes at the moment. We'll be sure to add them to the list below as soon as they become inactive, meaning you won't have to waste time checking them yourself. This list was last checked on January 25, 2022.

How Do I Redeem Anime Clone Tycoon Codes?

If you're looking to redeem your Anime Clone Tycoon codes sharpish, we've got some good news for you - it's super easy to do so. As always, we've laid out some simple step-by-step instructions below to make sure that you don't put a single foot wrong:

  • Start up Anime Clone Tycoon via the game's official Roblox page
  • Navigate your way to the Twitter icon on the left of your screen
  • A redemption box will appear, so copy and paste a code from the list above into the box, then hit enter
  • You'll find your rewards in your in-game inventory

What Are Anime Clone Tycoon Codes?

Anime Clone Tycoon codes will likely be your standard Roblox freebie codes handed out by the game's developer whenever a new player milestone is achieved or a major update lands. When the next code arrives, redeeming it could net you some helpful in-game resources to expedite your progress through its anime-themed world.

How Do I Get More Anime Clone Tycoon Codes?

It's currently unclear as to where new Anime Clone Tycoon codes will drop, but we'd wager that the best place to keep an eye on is the game's official Discord server or Twitter account. Most Roblox game developers drop codes to celebrate player milestones or big updates, though this hasn't been the case so far with Anime Clone Tycoon codes, sadly.

When Is the Next Anime Clone Tycoon Code?

As there's currently one single Anime Clone Simulator code, it's tough to say when the next one is likely to arrive. The game's developer hasn't provided an update on any potential freebies, so we'll just have to wait and see.


That said, you can save yourself the hassle of checking social media by simply bookmarking this page right here and popping back every so often to see if a code has dropped. We'll update our list throughout the week to bring you the latest info, making sure that you don't miss out on a single freebie.

What's In the New Anime Clone Tycoon Update?

Here are the patch notes from the December 6 update:

  • You can now unlock the docks and the lighthouse behind your base after unlocking the upgrade cave
  • You can now spawn a ship to visit another player's island
  • Added Zoro as a rare unit
  • Added Sanji as a mythic unit
  • Added Luffy as a legendary unit

Here are previous patch notes:

  • You can now explore a cave with upgrade machines after unlocking the attack research building
  • You can now upgrade your clone's health and walk speed, as well as boost your researcher income and any gems earned by your fighters
  • Added Super Saiyan Goku as a legendary unit
  • Added Goku as a mythic unit
  • Added Vegeta as a rare unit
  • Altered the multi-roll to show the full price of all five rolls, meaning you no longer have to guess how many rolls you'll get if you don't have a roll cap for single rolls

We'll update this section as soon as the next Anime Clone Tycoon patch drops.