Riders Republic: What is Zen Mode?

Riders Republic brings a lot of action across different activities. You can do snowboarding, race with mountain bikes, and even fly with rocket jetpacks. However, not everything is a competition, and sometimes you want to chill or just practice without concerning too much about scores. For that very reason, you have the Zen Mode.

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What is Zen Mode in Riders Republic?

Zen Mode is the name of the gameplay mode commonly known as “free mode”. In Zen Mode, you have no scores, no competitions, and no progression at all. You can play any sport you want and travel to any point on the map with no requirements at all.

Riders Republic Zen Mode explanation
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Keep in mind that while you’re playing in Zen Mode, your friends won’t be able to invite you to any activity, and you won’t get out of it until you actively choose to, so you should remember to exit and go back to normal mode if you want to play with others.

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How to Access Zen Mode in Riders Republic?

To play in Zen mode, you must start the game and choose Zen Mode from the main menu. To leave Zen Mode, open the game menu, select Quit Session and you will be back in the title screen. You can exit Zen Mode at any time.

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