Riders Republic: How to Save Your Game

Ubisoft's Riders Republic brings a colorful and fun twist to extreme sports, with comedic dialogue that marks the tone in a game full of tricks, twists, and challenges. Given that the amount of things you can do in-game is inherently tied to your progression, it is a valid concern for any player to know how to save their game in Riders Republic.

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Riders Republic: How to Save Your Game

Well, first off, there is no manual save in Riders Republic, you can’t save your progression manually as you would usually do in any other game. But fret not, the game has a pretty good autosave feature that continuously takes care of that for you, saving your progress every time you finish an activity, fast travel to a location, or every time you unlock a new item.

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Our suggestion would be to use your fast travel before logging off, just to be sure the autosave kicked in up until the last minute. There’s almost no chance that you would lose progress in any situation, but if you want to be sure you should do that as a double-check.

And that’s all you need to know about saving your game in Riders Republic! While you’re here, you can check our How to Earn Republic Coins if you wanna learn how to obtain as many as you can!

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