Riders Republic: How to Earn Republic Coins and Bucks

Riders Republic has a lot of activities and competitions to partake in, vast regions with many places to explore, and different vehicles to unlock as you dedicate time to learning different sport disciplines. However, as fun as doing tricks and racing can be, you also want to look cool while doing it, right? That’s where the Republic Coins and Bucks come in.

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How To Earn Bucks?

Bucks are the free currency in Riders Republic, and they can be used for various purposes such as buying cosmetic items or fast traveling through the map using the Helicopter. You can obtain Bucks in many different ways, as follows:

  • Every time you complete a trick or race courses for the first time, you will get 1,000 Bucks, making it the faster way to obtain this currency.
  • Earning new Star ranks will reward you with Bucks. For each new Star you get, you will get larger amounts of Bucks.
  • Completing daily Sponsor Contracts. Once you unlocked them, you can equip up to three Sponsors that will provide you with daily objectives for you to finish.
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How To Earn Republic Coins?

The Republic Coins are exclusive to the Riders Republic cash store, being the game’s microtransaction currency and only obtainable by purchasing them with real money in different priced bundles. It’s recommended to only invest in this currency in case you want items that can only be bought using Republic Coins. Otherwise, you can just save on Bucks and buy them using that other currency.

And that’s it, now you know everything you need about Bucks and Republic Coins! While you’re here, you can always check our useful Multiplayer guide in case you want to play with friends.

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