FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk Review – A Great Choice That Rises To The Occasion

When it comes to creating your PC gaming setup, there’s numerous options to consider. Monitors, chairs, mouse and keyboard, all equally valid on their own. Of course, if you want anywhere to safely house them, you’ll need a solid desk. Restrictions have gradually lifted over COVID-19 in the UK, but many still work from home, making a comfortable desk more essential than ever before.

For the last few years, I’d stuck by a rather small desk, one that cost me £15 second-hand and mostly did the job. It’s been around two weeks now since I swapped that out, getting offered FlexiSpot’s E8 standing desk for review. Having now tested it, I’m pleased to say I came away particularly impressed.

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Minor Assembly Needed

To start with, you’ll choose the E8 Standing Desk frame’s and desktop’s colour. Picking white and maple colours respectively, I received a 140x70cm rectangular desktop, which provided significantly more space than I realised. Arriving in three separate packages, E8’s assembly was smooth and desk wires for the leg motors were easily tucked away.

As a motorised standing desk, you’ll need a free plug socket to adjust height and within the desk frame, there’s a battery which legs and smart control panel connect to. If you’re worried about loose wires, fear not, there’s a groove they can be placed in. Taking an hour to assemble alone, instructions were clear, but I’d recommend finding assistance for the desktop’s hefty weight.

Once assembled and I’d arranged my equipment, I immediately saw the improvement. Using a bamboo surface, FlexiSpot tell us E8 comes with a lacquer coating, offering scratch resistance and water damage protection. Thankfully, I didn’t have problems with either during this review, but I can’t fault this. E8’s lovely to use, smooth to touch and features soft edges to avoid injuries.

Please Stand Up

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk - White Frame, Pine Desktop. Beige carpet underneath, white background. Plant on tabletop in black and white vase on left of desktop, open notebook with pen on top in the middle, pen pot on right side. Partially visible plant leaves on right-hand side of desk.
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FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk - White Frame, Pine Desktop

After sitting down with it, I began testing out how it felt standing up. Letting you adjust your desk’s height between 60-125cm with a maximum weight of 125kg, I adjusted this through the smart control panel, which holds 4 memory presets for height. While standing, E8 was surprisingly sturdy, never wobbling even at 125cm and I found myself impressed by the stability.

Better yet, E8 features an anti-collision system. Having placed my PC desktop underneath it, one thing that frequently remains plugged in is my Xbox Wireless Adapter. When bringing the E8 back down, I’d almost forgotten about this, leaving me quite relieved relieved to see this system kicking in.If you’re a parent, E8 also features a childlock option for your desk’s current height.

However, I wouldn’t call it perfect. There’s a fine design, no question there, but it doesn’t include any built-in draws, which may prove off-putting to some. It’s not cheap either and though there’s admittedly an element of price customisability - depending on your design - a basic frame and desktop alone hits around £500, without extra accessories.

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk Review – Is It Worth It?

FlexiSpot’s E8 is a strong pick if you’re after a new standing desk. By offering a sturdy build, smooth surface and comfortably safe design, FlexiSpot’s onto a winner here. Sadly, that price point might be a little much for some, but if you’re shopping on a higher budget, I’d certainly recommend taking a look.


Review unit provided by FlexiSpot.

You can buy a FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk on the official website right now.

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