LucidSound LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset Review - A Fine Choice For Your Xbox

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PowerA made a name for themselves with third party controllers, but since acquiring LucidSound in 2020, they’ve carved inroads into Xbox, PC and PlayStation headsets. Building upon their existing LS15 line, they’ve now brought us the LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S for £89.99, which comes in a Shock Blue variant. I went hands-on with their latest update after Gfinity was offered a media kit, and I’m happy to say LucidSound’s onto a winner.

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Shockingly Comfortable

LS15X is compatible with the Xbox One family, though I could only test on a Series X, and LucidSound’s LS15P is the PC, PS4 or PS5 equivalent. Setting this up was straightforward: charge up with a Micro USB cable, plug the USB Wireless Transmitter into your Xbox - which gives out a 2.4GHz wireless connection - add the removeable boom mic, and you’re ready to go.

Though the LS15X is a mid-range option compared to LucidSound’s higher-end headsets, it still looks the part of a high-quality headset. That vibrant Shock Blue colour complements the set's sleek design, and despite feeling lightweight atop your head, it never seems flimsy. Utilising hard plastic for the top band and frame, LS15X uses hard plastic for the top band and frame, but employs memory foam padding underneath the band and on the ear cups, which proved comfortable and kept the headset from sliding out of place

Each earcup has a rotatable wheel. The left side controls LS15X’s volume, and pressing it down mutes that entirely, while right wheel adjusts game/chat audio balance and mutes your mic if you press it. If the boom mic is inserted, it glows red to confirm the mute, giving you a clear visual mute indicator. Having used wired headsets for years that contain a small attachment for volume controls, LucidSound’s method is much more elegant and intuitive


Crystal Clear

LS15X has a few other buttons and ports to consider. On the left side is the power button, your charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a port for your boom mic. On the right, there’s an EQ button that swaps between three audio modes - Standard, Bass Boost, and LucidSound’s Signature Sound mode, the last being designed to enhance footstep sounds and I could notice a difference. Underneath the removeable boom mic is a secondary internal mic designed for mobile gaming and phone calls. This one is only useable by connecting it to your phone with the 3.5mm jack.

It’s an intuitive design, backed up by a decent battery life that offers 15 hours per charge. LucidSound’s premium headsets last longer, but considering the LS15X’s lower price, it's a fair compromise. I do question the effectiveness of requiring that secondary mic to be wired, especially considering LS15X is marketed as a wireless headset, but ultimately, the console gaming results were good.

From what I was told by my multiplayer partners, my voice sounded clear across both microphones, and audio was usually distinct and unsullied. I’d get some static across the headphones while playing but was very infrequent (happened three times) and lasted no more than a second. There’s no in-built noise-cancelling unfortunately, so just keep your surroundings in mind during use.



Overall, LucidSound’s LS15X is a great choice for those after a new, affordable headset. Though a lack of noise cancelling is a disappointing omission and the secondary mic feels redundant, the LS15X's clear audio and microphone quality, intuitive controls, and a sleek design make it an easy recommendation over your standard bargain headset.


Review unit provided by the publisher, alongside an Xbox Series Shock Blue controller and official LucidSound stand.