Anda Seat T-PRO 2 Gaming Chair Review

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The Wider Picture

There are many factors to consider when establishing your PC gaming setup. Alongside the actual specs, you’ve got to consider a suitable monitor, a desk, mouse, keyboard, controllers, and plenty more. Crucially though, if you don’t want chronic back pain from bad posture, you need a good chair, and there’s no lack of choice on the market. Recently, I was sent the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair and after testing it out, I’m certainly a fan.

Starting with the basics, setting this up was straightforward thanks to a clear instruction manual, and the quality was evident upon unboxing it. Between me and my partner, it took around 30 minutes to piece together, though we had to backtrack on a couple of occasions. Some screw locations were covered over by the linen fabric, forcing us to make some very minor cuts with scissors to open that up further. Otherwise, this was a smooth process and the chair’s constituent parts covered over our handiwork nicely.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair
Grey T-Pro 2 Model

With Great Comfort, Comes Great Responsibility


Once assembled, this T-Pro 2 felt great to use and the material/stitching work was of high quality. The adjustable pieces are highly customisable, letting me place my arm rests in multiple directions, with a large degree of back adjustment. Generally, I prefer sitting up straight and for that, it served a purpose. My only gripes are that the fabric could potentially stain if you aren’t careful, and I’d like to raise the seating higher. You aren’t exactly low on the ground, but if you’re quite tall (At 5ft 11”, I’m not), take note of this.

Height aside, I could work and play games in comfort and that largely comes down to the two memory foam cushions included. Offering lumbar and neck support, it’s a great motivator to sit up straight, lessening a common back pain I regularly experience. For transparency, I’ll state now that I’ve not used other chairs from competitors like Secretlab - so I can’t compare them directly – but having previously relied on bog-standard office chairs, the difference here is like night and day.


Pricewise, T-Pro 2 is slightly more expensive than Secretlab’s lower options, packing a £349.99 price tag. This isn’t cheap but overall, the quality is worth it. You’ve got a few colour choices - between black, black & grey, and blue & black – but if that doesn’t appeal, you can also check out Anda Seat’s wider range too. Though I had some minor issues, there’s a solid gaming chair worth investing in here that comes recommended.


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