Blasphemous 2 review - An unforgettable Metroidvania journey

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Blasphemous 2
Credit: Team17

Blasphemous 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the original dark and twisted Metroidvania game, has arrived to captivate players once again with its macabre world, intense boss battles, and intricate gameplay mechanics.

Developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, Blasphemous 2 builds upon its predecessor's strengths while introducing new elements to create a hauntingly immersive experience that's a must-play for every Metroidvania fan, or those who enjoy highly polished and demanding games in general.

The challenge of Soulslikes games done right

In Blasphemous 2, players once again step into the role of the Penitent One, a tormented warrior seeking to confront the divine force known as the Miracle and unravel the mysteries of a world engulfed in chaos and despair.

While the story directly follows the last title's DLC, you don't actually need to know anything about it, as Blasphemous 2 relies on immersive storytelling rather than fixating on an outright narrative component, which is still present nonetheless. The basic gist for the sequel is that the Miracle has deployed the Archconfraternity, five penitents sent out to stop you.

The meat and bones of Blasphemous 2's gameplay lies in its compelling boss battles, which provide multi-phase challenges that test players' skills and perseverance. Drawing inspiration from its predecessor and other renowned titles like Dark Souls, Blasphemous 2's boss fights are a spectacle of brutality mixed with punishing yet rewarding gameplay.

Some can feel a bit repetitive or lack mechanical nuance, however, the more upgrades you find throughout the world, these encounters become significantly more engaging. You'll have to master timing and strategy, resulting in a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon victory, even if it takes you 15 times to beat a single boss (definitely not our experience!).

An immersive land worth getting lost in

Blasphemous 2 review
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Credit: Team17
Blasphemous 2's art direction is stellar

Blasphemous 2 delves deeper into the twisted narrative of Cvstodia, a world plagued by the malevolent Miracle. As you explore the world alongside the Penitent One, the Gothic vibes and desolate landscape will fill you with a sense of dreadfulness.

Even the classic Metroidvania feeling of comfort you get from finding a friendly NPC or a save point gets muddled by the unsettling horror, yet somewhat beautiful scenery presented in Blasphemous 2's expansive locations.

The right weapon for a penitent soul

In a notable departure from its predecessor, Blasphemous 2 introduces an expanded arsenal of weapons, each with distinct abilities and mechanics. The Veredicto, a fiery mace-incense burner hybrid, offers devastating range and power. The Ruego al Alba, a blood-powered sword reminiscent of Bloodborne's aesthetic, excels in all-around combat and can be used to parry opponents if you're feeling up for the challenge. Finally, the Sarmiento & Centella twin blades cater to fast-paced, close-quarters engagements.

You'll be able, after spending some time with the game, to rotate between the three of them, each having a unique skill tree that can satisfy all sorts of gameplay styles, adding a bit more complexity to boss battles. One weapon might excel at taking a certain enemy, while faltering against others, for instance.

Traversal in a gritty world

Blasphemous 2 elevates its platforming elements, incorporating challenging segments that require skilful manoeuvring and even weapon utilisation.

A quick example, using The Veredicto enables players to interact with the environment by hitting certain bells to reveal hidden platforms and passageways. These types of puzzles and traversal mechanics involving magical mirrors, unique weapon abilities, and more add variety to the gameplay, reducing repetitiveness.

The game's distinct art direction and grotesque imagery contribute to Blasphemous 2's dark allure. From its disturbing death animations to creatively designed monsters and unsettling character interactions, the visual elements immerse players in a nightmarish realm. The soundtrack and atmospheric audio cues further enhance the immersive experience, so if you're a headphone users, you'll enjoy this experience tenfold.

A surprise GOTY contender

Blasphemous 2 successfully refines and expands upon the foundation established by its predecessor. With its gripping narrative, mesmerising art style, and improved combat mechanics, the sequel offers a memorable journey through a world steeped in religious turmoil and divine affliction.

While some aspects, such as enemy variety and boss challenge, may leave players craving more, the overall package of Blasphemous 2 delivers a captivating and harrowing adventure that fans of the Metroidvania genre won't want to miss.


Release date and platforms

Set for release on 24 August, 2023, Blasphemous 2 will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Blasphemous 2
A solid take on the Metroidvania genre, Blasphemous 2 stands apart by managing to create a highly atmospheric mechanically demanding experience that will satisfy the needs of those looking for a good challenge.
Xbox Series S/X
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

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