Blasphemous’s Final DLC Update Is Now Live, Setting up the Sequel

The Game Kitchen and Game17 has just launched Blasphemous' Wounds of Eventide DLC today. Marking the final major content update, Blasphemous has seen numerous updates since launching in 2019, and the developer's dropped a few hints about what this entails.

As seen on the official Steam page, Wounds of Eventide includes new "levels, bosses, and items," but there's something more intriguing. When the sequel launches in 2023, players can expect it to follow on from the story events of this update.

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Blasphemous’s Final DLC Update Is Now Live, Setting up the Sequel

However, The Game Kitchen's chosen not to reveal the full patch notes. Instead, they've encouraged players to discover this new content for themselves. However, they've put out some details about unlocking the special ending, one that's related to the sequel, in spoiler tags. Check out the announcement on Steam to know.

After a long, winding journey since this game released two years ago, Blasphemous has enjoyed significant success. As this sequel closes near, the Wounds Of Eventide finally marks the closing act for this popular indie title, and we'll keep you informed when we know more.

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