Asus ROG Keris Wired Review – A Fine Gaming Mouse

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It’s never as simple as just buying the desktop when it comes to PC gaming. You’ll have to account for your monitor(s), a desk, mousekeyboard, controllers, chairs, headsets… you get the picture. There’s certainly no lack of choice and following on from the ROG Keris Wireless, Asus now brings us a wired option with a reduced price tag. First appearing in Asia earlier this year, that’s now coming to the West.

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Certified Lightweight

Described as a “Lightweight FPS gaming mouse”, Asus advise it’s also an ideal option for MOBAs, and ROG Keris has a few standout features. Featuring a 16,000 dpi sensor, 400 ips optical sensor, 50 G max acceleration, and 1000 Hz polling rate, there’s also RGB lighting options for the cosmetically minded. I won’t list the full specifications included within, though if you’re someone who would like these finer details, you can view them on Asus’ website directly.

Designed with right-handed players in mind, the ROG Keris isn’t a particularly big mouse. There are no specific comfort grooves and you’ll contend with some curved sides, yet ROG Keris remains comfortable to grip. Alongside my menial tasks on PC, it felt suitably responsive for more demanding online shooters, making this a suitable option. Feeling sturdy yet light, I can’t fault the build quality either.


A Reasonable Price

Now, for context, I’ve spent several months using a wired UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse before reviewing this, making that my comparison’s frame of reference. Granted, that’s an older device, but I found myself missing those extra features, such as the 12-button number pad on the side. Asus’ newest option doesn’t offer that same versatility more expensive mice provide, but as a newer release, it’ll serve nicely for players with a smaller wallet at £58.


Ultimately, Asus are onto a winner here with the ROG Keris. I wouldn’t call it a “no-thrills” option as it does have some nice features, helped by a lower price point when compared to its wireless sibling. This isn’t the fanciest option Asus has ever provided, but for the more budget-conscious PC player, it’ll do the job well.



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