The Logitech G332 is 32% OFF! Here's Why You Won't Want To Miss Out...

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If you're on the hunt for a new headset, then Amazon UK has a great deal running on the Logitech G332 that you should definitely take a look at.

The price has been slashed down by a whopping 32%, taking it from £49.99 to £34.00.

You can check out the deal right here, or keep reading for our two cents on just what makes this such an impressive headset for the price.

Let's get to it!

Logitech G332 Now 32% OFF

Image Credit: Logitech
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Image Credit: Logitech

Brand: Logitech | Colour: Red | Connectivity technology: Wired 3.5mm | Weight: 280g | Platforms: PC & Gaming Console | Drivers: 50mm

Logitech produces some outstanding gaming accessories, from mice, keyboards, even racing wheels, and their line of headsets is certainly no different.

Standout features of the Logitech G332 include its impressive 50mm drivers, that'll deliver on that immersive experience when gaming.

In terms of comfort, you're getting lightweight leatherette ear cups and a specially designed headband that keeps pressure off your ears...handy if you're playing for extended sessions.

In fact, the whole thing comes in at just 280g, making it one of the lighter gaming headsets we've come across.

Don't forget about the flip to mute mic too - another great way to adjust settings on the fly, especially useful if you're playing online.

Bottom line

A fantastic and versatile headset for the price, that also packs a visual punch when paired with other Logitech gear.


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