Capcom Unveils Lady Dimitrescu's Counterparts in Resident Evil Village

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Lady Dimitrescu is just one of the Resident Evil Village bosses Ethan has to contend with.

IGN recently revealed the region’s three other lords that share a connection with Lady D and Mother Miranda, and if that hasn’t warned you already, here’s your official spoiler warning.

We’ve already met one of the lords: Heisenberg.

He’s the one who takes Ethan to a factory at some point early on and has “fun” with him, where “fun” involves a torture session and near-death experience.

The other two are significantly less human, and not just in their outlook.

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Capcom Unveils Lady Dimitrescu's Counterparts in Resident Evil Village

Village art director Tomonori Takano told IGN the team wanted to pull from other areas of folklore for the boss designs.

Salvatore Moreau is a waterlogged humanoid inspired by the gothic mermen of old horror films.

His domain is an abandoned reservoir and fishing village, and Takano said the goal was making him the most repulsive character imaginable.

Image depicting one of resident evil village's boss characters
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The fourth lord is Donna Beneviento, though you won’t see her face — well, probably not until it’s too late.

Lady Beneviento wears a veil and communicates through a puppet called Angie that may or may not be (read: definitely is) alive.

Image depicting the fourth of resident evil village's main bosses
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How these four lords factor into Ethan’s story and what their relationship with each other is, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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[Source: IGN]

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