Capcom Pulls Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Hours After Launch

The Resident Evil Re:Verse open beta is live now — or, at least, that’s what Capcom intended.

Just a few hours after the Re:Verse beta went live, Capcom pulled it from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam.

Soon after the beta launched, Capcom said it was experiencing issues with matchmaking.

It was supposed to be fixed, but two hours later, Capcom posted another update saying the Re:Verse matchmaking was still broken.

The developer decided to remove it and suspend the beta until it could be resolved.

When it’s working the Re:Verse beta is supposed to run until April 11 and offer an idea of how the Resident Evil battle royale will play out once it fully releases May 7 alongside Resident Evil Village.

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Capcom Pulls Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Hours After Launch

Resident Evil Re:Verse is the series’ first battle royale game.

It pits classic characters, including Claire Redfield and Leon “Great, a chainsaw” Kennedy, against each other in iconic locations, but death is only the beginning.

Re:Verse resurrects dead players as Bioweapons, mutating them into series villains such as Jack Baker and Nemesis and giving them a chance at vengeance.

Re:Verse is a free game for those who purchase Resident Evil Village.

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