Resident Evil Village Hide and Seek Walkthrough: Angie Boss Fight

To escape House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village you will need to defeat Angie the doll in a game of Hide and Seek. She'll run off to hide and you will have a set amount of time to find her before her dolls tear you to ribbons. You'll need to find her three times in total. In this Resident Evil Hide and Seek guide we'll show you where to find Angie the doll, so that you can finally get out of House Beneviento.

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Resident Evil Village Hide and Seek Walkthrough

After escaping the Doll Woman area in House Beneviento you will meet Angie the doll. She'll run if and give you a set amount of time to find her. You need to find her three times to finish her off, and having played through this section a few times, there are a few places she can be hiding.

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Angie Locations

The first area to check for Angie is upstairs and through the door into the bedroom. She will be sat on the floor. Interact with her to stab her and have her go hide again. Head back downstairs and head left and around the corridor. You'll see blood smeared along the walls guiding you to her location. She's sat in the main living room. For the third location, face the main exit and head down the corridor to the right. Angie will be sat on the ground. If she isn't here, it's also possible for her to be back in the main dining room, sat to the right side of the room.

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Killing Angie Rewards

For defeating Angie you will get the Unborn Key which can be combined with your four-winged key. You can also pick up the Angie Doll, which can be sold at the Merchant.

That's all you need to know about the hide and seek section in Resident Evil Village. You'll want to make sure you've also picked up the Beneviento Treasure outside the building. Also, make sure to read our Resident Evil 8 review.

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