Resident Evil Village Beneviento's Treasure: How to Get the Broken Slab

There are treasures to find while exploring Resident Evil Village. One is called Beneviento's Treasure and is located outside House Beneviento. It's underneath Donna Beneviento's gravestone, which is unfortunately missing a piece from the slab. To help you open the grave and get the treasure within we've put together this Resident Evil Village Beneviento Treasure guide. We'll show you where to get the broken slab item, and how to get to the treasure.

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Resident Evil 8 Village: How to Get Beneviento's Treasure

To get Beneviento's Treasure in Resident Evil 8 you will need to make your way back to the graveyard area in the Village. You can find the Broken Slab item here, near Eva's grave. We've shown the location on the map below:

A screenshot showing the location of the Broken Slab in Resident Evil Village, used to unlock the Beneviento Treasure.
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Here's where to get the Broken Slab

Unlocking the Grave With the Broken Slab

All you need to do now is head back to the outside of House Beneviento and place the Broken Slab into the grave. It will move aside and give you the Berengario's Chalice item. This can be sold to the merchant at a high price. It's possible that a large axe-wielding enemy will be in this area when you get back. Use your grenade launcher to take it down quickly.

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Berengarios chalice item in Resident Evil Village
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That's how to get the Beneviento Treasure in Resident Evil Village. For more on the game be sure to visit our Resident Evil 8 Review. Elsewhere there's our look at how to remove weapon charms.

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