Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Puzzle Walkthrough

To escape House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village you will need to solve the Doll Workshop mannequin puzzle. This involves scouring the area for items, fuses and clues to find a way out. To help you escape as soon as possible we've put together this Resident Evil Village Doll Woman Puzzle Walkthrough. We'll explain each step for getting out, including solutions for the door code, music box and medallion door puzzles.

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Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Puzzle Walkthrough

When you enter the House Beneviento area of Resident Evil Village you will come across a room with a doll/mannequin in the centre. It's easily one of the most creepy places in the game, as we mentioned in our review. You'll need to solve a series of puzzles to escape. Let's get started.

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Getting the Silver Key

The first thing you'll want to do is examine the doll's left arm. Move yup to the shoulder and pop out the silver key. Now, remove the Wedding Ring from its hand. Make sure you also get the winding key from the left leg.

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Wash the Wedding Ring

Now that you've unlocked the door with the Silver Key you will want to head to the sink. You can wash the Wedding Ring to reveal a code on the inside of the ring. Examine it to get the code: 05-29-11.

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Unlock the House Beneviento Safe Combination Lock

Now head back into the room with the Doll Woman. The main door can now be unlocked using the code you got from the ring. Head through the door and around the corridor. You'll come across a room with a music box in it.

Music Box Puzzle Solution

Use the winding key to unlock the Music Box. You need to use the scratch marks on the line up the pieces in the right order. You can check out the solution below. You'll get a pair of Tweezers from the box.

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Use the Tweezers on the Doll's Mouth

Head back to the Doll and use the Tweezers to remove a piece of film from its mouth. You can now head around to the room next to the breaker box.

Film Projector Puzzle

Place the strip of film into the projector and read the note to your left. This will give you a clue as to which order the film needs to go in. The solution is as follows:

  1. Monkey, Stuffed animal
  2. Story Book
  3. Rose
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding Ring

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Getting the Scissors

Head into the door that just opened and collect the scissors. You can use these to cut down the bandages in front of you. Make your way back to the Doll. You can answer the phone while doing this to get some more story.

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Cut the Bandages

Use the scissors to cut the bandages across the Doll's chest. You can now collect the Brass Medallion. Check the right arm for a symbol, and roll back the Doll's left eye to get the third symbol. Make a not of these and head down the passageway to the left of where you came in (facing the main door).

Solve the Medallion Puzzle

Now all you need to do is place the Brass Medallion and line up the correct symbols. Go for the bird flying that matches the Doll's Eye and the image of three closed eyes. The door will open and you can head down the stairs to the well.

Grab the Breaker Box Key

Climb down into the Well and grab the Breaker Box key. You can now head back up and around to the Breaker Box. A monster will appear, so head around the other side, back through the film projector room to get to the Breaker Box. Open it to get the Child Relief.

Place the Child Relief

Make your way back to the door with the Child Relief slot on it. It's marked on your map. Go back the way you came to avoid the monster. Step inside this room and then make your way around to the bedroom.

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Grab the Fuse and Hide

Pick up the Fuse in this room and run back. The monster will make its way down the stairs towards you. Go back into the bedroom and hide under the bed. Wait for an opening and sprint back to the elevator. Place the fuse and get out of there!

Escape in the Elevator

Make sure you step inside and press the elevator button to escape. The monster will be chasing you at this point so try to be quick.

That's how to solve the Doll Woman Puzzle in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on getting the Beneviento Treasure. Once you're done with that check out our Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure guide.

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