Resident Evil Village: Can You Get Back In Dimitrescu Castle After Leaving?

If you are playing Resident Evil Village and questioning whether or not you can get back inside Dimitrescu Castle, you have already left and are looking to find some of the secrets you missed. Well, we have some disappointing news for those looking to revisit the area.

Be warned there are spoilers below, so if you haven't left the castle for the first time then wait until you do that before reading on.

Can You Get Back In Dimitrescu Castle After Leaving?

The short and only answer is No after you have left Dimitrescu Castle, killing the mutated version of the 9-foot tall woman and her daughters, you cannot get back into the castle and the area is locked off.

The bridges are raised and the one access point to the castle is no longer accessible.

The point of no return for Dimitrescu Castle is when you reach the roof and open a coffin to find a body clutching a dagger. Once you pick up this dagger, you will enter the boss fight with Lady Dimitrescu and the castle will no longer be accessible.

If you want to do everything you can in Dimitrescu Castle before it becomes inaccessible, be sure to complete the Treasure Map puzzle which can be accessed towards the later sections of the castle. You can see our guide on how to complete that puzzle here.

If you want to see a full list of our guides so your run of the game is as complete as possible, be sure to check out our hub of Resident Evil Village guides here.

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