Resident Evil Village Treasure Map Solution: Where to Fine the Dimitrescu Treasure

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While exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you'll come across a Treasure Map. This map will lead you to treasure hidden somewhere in the castle. You'll want to track it down, as it will allow you to make a bunch of Lei in the process. In this Resident Evil Village Treasure Map guide we'll show you where the map is pointing to and how to get the treasure.


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Resident Evil Village Treasure Map Solution

The Treasure Map in Castle Dimitrescu points to an Iron Insignia door in the underground area. You'll have run past this door before, but will need the Iron Insignia Key from the Opera Hall piano to unlock it. You can see how the dungeon and kitchen areas link to it. Head to the door and open it with the Iron Insignia Key.


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How to Solve the Fire Torch Puzzle

To get the coffin open you will need to light all of the pyres in the room. There's a nearby pipe bomb that you can use to blow up the wall. Shoot the swinging pyres to light them. Doing so will get you the treasure: the Azure Eye item.


What to do With the Azure Eye

The Azure Eye is a special item that can be combined with the Silver Ring. Read more on that in our Resident Evil 8 Silver Ring Guide.

That's how to solve the Treasure Map puzzle in Resident Evil Village. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on the available weapons. Elsewhere there's our look at using Luiza's Key.