Red Dead Online Snake Bite: How to Cure Snake Poisoning

There are a bunch of ways you can die in Red Dead Online, from ambushes by enemy players to venomous snakes that lie in the bushes. Snakes can be particularly nasty, given that they will poison you if you get bitten. This will constantly drain your cores until you take a cure, and there’s very little info on what will help. To help you cure yourself of snake bites in Red Dead Online we’ve put together this guide on Snake Poison Cures. Let’s take a look.

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How to Cure a Snake Bite in Red Dead Online

The best way to cure a snake bite in Red Dead Online is to take medicinal herbs like Yarrow and Ginseng. Here’s where to find each of them if you have none in your satchel:

  • Yarrow - East of Horseshoe Lookout in New Hanover. Southwest of Valentine
  • Ginseng - South West of Valentine, West of Caliban’s Seat

Just head to the wild areas here and trigger your Hunter’s Sense. Nearby plants will be highlighted. Eat either of these plants to cure your poisoning effects. 

Looking at Yarrow growing in Red Dead Online
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Can You Take a Tonic to Cure a Snake Bite?

Before a recent update to Red Dead Online, you could take Potent Tonics to cure Snake Bites. This is no longer the case, so stick with the herbs mentioned above.

Now you know how to cure a snake bite in Red Dead Online. For a look at the Specialist Roles, head here. Once you’re done there, check out our look at whether Red Dead Online is worth playing in 2020.

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