Red Dead Online Roles: Here Are the Specialist Roles and Which One You Should Pick

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Red Dead Online has added a bunch of awesome new content since launch. Easily the most substantial, and the most rewarding are the Specialist Roles, which allow you to focus on a specific set of objectives as you play and level up.There are currently five roles to choose from in Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter, Naturalist, Moonshiner, Collector, Trader. Here’s what each one does, and which one to pick depending on how you want to play. 

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Red Dead Online Specialist Roles

There are five roles to choose from in Red Dead Online. They are as follows:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Naturalist
  • Moonshiner
  • Collector
  • Trader

Each Specialist Role is slightly different, offering a different style of play. Some will have you hunting and trading the pelts you earn, while others will have you hunting outlaws in exchange for money. We’ll go into more detail on each below.

How to unlock Specialist Roles and How Much They Cost

Starting Roles is as simple as reaching approximately one hour into the game. You’ll unlock your horse and receive information on how to start each of the five roles. Each role will cost 15 Gold Bars, though there are often discounts on these roles to keep an eye out for. 

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Bounty Hunter Role

The Bounty Hunter Specialist Role is unlocked by meeting the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes and purchasing the Bounty Hunter License. Once you’ve done this you can head out and start collecting bounties. It’s a pretty straightforward way to make a living, just pick up posters in Law Offices and follow the instructions.

Naturalist Role

The Naturalist Role focuses on the animals and plants scattered throughout the old west. You can choose to either study and catalogue species, or hunt and earn money. This is considered to be one of the least profitable depending on how you play it, but is a nice break from the killing and shooting associated elsewhere.

Collector Role

The Collector Role sees you scouring the map for rare trinkets and treasure. You’ll need to speak to Madam Nazar to start this role, but once you do it’s easy to start making plenty of money as you hunt.

Moonshiner Role

The Moonshiner Role is one of the most exciting ones on offer as you run a black-market trading business. To unlock the Moonshiner Role, either complete one sale mission or reach level 5 along the Trader path.

Trader Role 

If making money and hanging out at camp is more your bag, then consider starting the Trader Specialist Role in Red Dead Online. You’ll get missions from Cripps, where you’ll need to rob, hunt and gather to sell items back at camp. 

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Which Specialist Role to Pick?

Which Specialist Role you pick will depend heavily on how you want to play Red Dead Online. Besides that, The Collector is a great starting role, as it will easily earn you more money and gold than with the others. This will allow you to try out different roles faster, so is what we would recommend when starting out.

That’s all you need to know about Specialist Roles in Red Dead Online. For more on the game be sure to check out our article on whether RDO is worth playing in 2020.

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