Does Red Dead Online Have Crossplay?

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Red Dead Online is all about collaborative adventuring with friends across the Wild West, working together to beat bandits and hunt animals. But is it cross-platform compatible, and can you play it across consoles and computers? We’ll answer here: does Red Dead Online have crossplay?

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Does Red Dead Online Have Crossplay?

No, currently Red Dead Online does not have crossplay or cross-platform compatibility, with a few minor exceptions. Players can use accounts that would normally cross platforms anyway, such as playing across the PS4 and PS5, but there’d be no way to share the game across entirely different consoles, computers or platforms. So if one of you wants to play on Xbox and another on PlayStation, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Red Dead Online Cross Platform crossplay - gunslinger reads map
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Will Red Dead Online Have Crossplay in the Future?

At time of writing, we could find no indication that Rockstar plans to add crossplay compatibility in the future. Indeed, there’s precedent to expect that this won’t happen. GTA Online, Rockstar’s most profitable game, also does not have crossplay despite years of major financial success and demand from fans. It’s not impossible that it will be added in the future - we couldn’t find anything to suggest that Rockstar have definitively ruled it out - but fans probably shouldn’t expect it to be added any time soon.

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