Rainbow Story Codes - Free Pets, Pearls and Gold

Screenshot from Rainbow Story, showing four characters looking upon a green vista
March 1, 2022: One new Rainbow Story code has arrived. Be quick!

On the lookout for some Rainbow Story codes? You're in the right place. We've got a list of all the current free redeem codes and rewards for this fresh side-scrolling RPG from EskyfunUSA.

Our Rainbow Story codes guide will break down each and every code that's working for the game, as well as a list of those that have sadly expired. We'll also take a look at how you can redeem your codes, as this isn't always an easy process.

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All Working Rainbow Story Codes

  • 3LB6CKP36 - 500 Pearls, five Enhance Stones, and three Starup Small Angels
  • 35FWW2V29 - 500 Pearls, one Mayan Entrance Ticket, and one Boss Challenge Ticket (NEW)
  • 3WAD9L523 - One Headdress-Birds and Flowers, 200 Pearls, and three Pet Recruiting Tickets
  • 343CV2622 - One Bubble-Gorgeous Scenery, 150 Pearls, and 100 Spiritual Power
  • 33N8AYF21 - One Avatar Frame - Spring Weather, one Starup Small Angel, and three Skill Book Pages
  • 3S4S6UE20 - Five Pet Recruiting Tickets, 300 Pearls, one Den Entrance Ticket, and on Starup Stone

  • 3C2K6ZZ19 - Five Tickets, one Offline AFK Ticket, three Enhance Stones, and one Starup Small Angel
  • 3EFSD3S18 - One Round-rimmed Glasses, three Enhance Stone, three Wing Advancing Pills, and 500k Gold
  • 3B3H9V617- One Costume-Endless Vigor, one SS Pet Cupid, five Mount Ration(S), and 300 Pearls
  • 3TY5DLV10 - 200 free Pearls, three Wing Pills, and one Offline AFK Ticket

  • RS333 – 100 free Pearls and other rewards
  • RS666 – 200 free Pearls, two Mount Ration, and one Offline AFK Ticket
  • RS777 – 200 free Pearls, two Refining Stones, and two Enhance Stones
  • RS888 – 20 free Black Pearls, 3,000 Gold, and one Starup Small Angel
  • 3WJRY749 - 100 Pearls, three Enhance Stones, and three Mount Rations
  • Hi2022 - Two Pet Recording Tickets and other rewards

The following Rainbow Story codes have sadly expired. These were last confirmed as expired on March 1, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • None of our Rainbow Story codes have expired yet. Good news!
Here's how you use Rainbow Story codes in-game.
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How Do I Use Rainbow Story Codes?

  • Clear the tutorial
  • Tap the square menu icon above your abilities
  • Tap the Settings cog that appears underneath
  • Navigate to the Codes tab
  • Enter your Rainbow Story codes and hit redeem

Once you've gotten through the janky tutorial, the method of using Rainbow Story codes isn't too dissimilar to other side-scrolling F2P mobile MMORPGs. The button is hidden away, but follow the steps above and you'll redeem Rainbow Story codes in no time.

For a more detailed explainer, you basically just want to get through the tutorial. After that, tap the square-ish icon above your attacks along the right side of the screen to bring up the main menu. Tap the Settings cog along here, then into the Code tab. Put your Rainbow Story codes here and the rewards will go straight into your inventory.

What Are Rainbow Story Codes?

As the game has yet to launch at the time of writing, we don't exactly know what Rainbow Story codes will do in the finished product. However, codes in similar gacha RPGs tend to provide a free dose of in-game currency and various upgrade materials for characters or their skills.

As a starter code, expect a helping hand of coins to upgrade your character, diamonds for pulls, or premium currencies later down the line. If that happens, you'll be able to use the latest Rainbow Story codes to grab some free gacha pulls, making them worth your time.

Rainbow Story gameplay doesn't easily show where Rainbow Story codes are to be entered.
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How Do I Get More Rainbow Story Codes?

As such, your first port of call should be the official Rainbow Story Facebook page. That's where the first and only pre-release code popped up, so you can imagine that even more will arrive once the game is officially out there. Equally, it's worth checking the Google Play Store page and this official Facebook fan group. The developers also promise a Discord server, but that hasn't launched just yet.

Why Don't Rainbow Story Codes Work?

If you've found some extra Rainbow Story codes that don't work, they're either fake codes or codes means for the older version of Rainbow Story released in certain countries in southeast Asia over the years. The recent release of Rainbow Story (or Rainbow Story Global, officially) is a separate game with different codes.

Here's how to bind a Rainbow Story account.
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How Do I Bind My Rainbow Story Account?

  • Log into your guest account
  • Use the settings menu to go back to character selection
  • Tap the back arrow in the left of the screen
  • Tap the Bind Email button that appears at the top

To make sure you don't lose access to your characters if you start with a RainbowStory guest account, you'll want to bind it to something like social media, TapTap, or your email address. To bind your Rainbow Story account, you need to log into it as normal. After that, use the settings menu to "switch characters".

Tap the back arrow on the character select screen and you should see a notice appear at the top of the screen. Tap the bind account button before it disappears and you'll be able to bind your Rainbow Story guest account a variety of different services. If you don't manage to tap the button in time, just log in again and repeat the steps.

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