Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3.1 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes Released For PC

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Rainbow Six Siege has received another small patch on PC.

The 4.3.1 update is dropping today and features some minor tweaks.


Here's all we know.

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn Y5 S4.3.1 Patch Notes

Patch Downtime

  • PC: 09:00 EST/14:00 UTC  

Servers are expected to be down for around 30 minutes.

Patch Notes

  • Update: Match Cancellation timer to 60s (from 120s)
  • Fixed: Reappearing Match Cancellation vote buttons
  • Fixed: TK prompt not appearing when Match Cancellation prompt active

It's a smaller patch than we've been used to, and is essentially a hotfix for some lingering issues on PC.


Expect the download to be pretty tiny on your launcher of choice.

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