BADASS University All Stars Season 2: Industry Insights, Teams, How to Watch and More

Badass University All Stars (BUAL) is a UK based organisation that aims to provide a platform for young Esports enthusiasts.

The tournamnet provides a proffesional environemnt for those looking to move into the gaming industry, or for those looking to get some expereince playing in competitive scenarios. 

Anyone that attends a University in the UK can sign up for free, all you need is a University student email address. 

Season 2 starts in around a week so get ready for some amazing Siege gameplay!

Season 2 

Season 2 will feature 9 teams in a round robin that lasts 8 weeks.

This is a big change from the first season that featured 3 rounds of double elimination and only 6 teams.

The upcoming season will have a prize pool of £1,200 that will be split between the winners and second place.

After the 8 weeks of the round robin tournament, the top 4 teams will compete in a Lan event that is currently being prepared given the circumstances. This again provides the competitors with a competitive environment to compete, gaining some crucial industry experience. 

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This is currently dependant on the state of COVID restrictions. With a bit of luck the final event will go ahead and give us an awesome finish to BUAL Season 2. 

How to Watch

All matches will be streamed live on the University All Stars twitch channel. Click here to head over there now!

Don't worry if you miss a stream, you can rewatch any match from the tournament in the videos section on their channel.

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The VODs will be uploaded to Youtube as well, so you can watch all of the games there if you miss them live.

The first matches start on 22nd March 2021 and will run for 8 weeks. 

Industry Insights 

Industry Insights is an awesome initiative to provide fans of Rainbow 6 and Esports with in depth information on how the Siege ecosystem functions.

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Both Bradley "Peakalicious" Beal and Finlay "Santa" Mclennan conducted five different interviews with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) including Z1ronic and JessGOAT.

Each interview goes into great detail on their job role / responsibilities, as well as some behind the scenes info on the production of Esports events.

The industry insights can now be found on the BADASS University All Stars Youtube channel, so don't worry if you missed any! 


There are 9 teams participating in the next season of BUAL. This is up from 6 teams in Season 1. You can see the logos for some of these teams below:

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Each team is made up of a mix of players from Universities around the UK. The teams are balanced to make the tournament as fair as possible. 

This format will allow each team to have a equal chance at winning, making for some intense games towards the end of the tournament. 

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If you head over to the BUAL Season 2 Liquipedia page, you can see a full list of the players participating, as well as the scores, fixtures and more!

Sign Up for Season 3

Unfortuenatly, the sign up deadline for Season 2 has already passed. 

If you're interested in participating in BUAL, you'll have to wait for Season 3 to come round in September 2021 (start of the semester).

Currently the sign ups for season 3 arn't yet open, but keep your eyes peeled so that you can get involved in BUAL ASAP!

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