Rainbow Six Siege Cracking Down Further On Cheaters

Ubisoft is boosting Rainbow Six Siege's anti-cheat measures this year, noting that almost 100,000 players have been banned for cheating in 2020 alone – a 44 percent increase over the year before.

If you've played Siege in the last year, that'll sound about right – when players are banned, a message is shown on screen naming and shaming them. It's quite cathartic, really.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cracking Down Further On Cheaters

In a new blog post, Ubisoft pledged to continue to implement anti-cheat functionality into the game.

Siege currently uses BattleEye, as well as player reports, to be able to ban players, but is looking to work towards more exhaustive backend solution.

The team is focused on detection improvement, increasing barriers to developing new cheats, and reducing the impact of cheats within the in-game experience.

"We start by identifying data that will make our detection model relevant. Next, we launch it on the backend and make sure we are comfortable with the results," the team explains.

Don't worry, you won't be automatically banned just because you've had the game of your life.

"The first ban waves are done by hand, allowing us to review each impacted player. This helps us ensure the detections are identifying concrete proof of cheating."

The team is also tying BattleEye in with Steam's own anti-cheat measures to be able to ban Siege 'burner' accounts. That's a big deal because Siege's relatively low cost of entry often sees players simply moving between accounts.

 "With every update we’ve launched for the past few seasons, we have continued to further secure code, making it more difficult for cheat features to keep up. Cheat Developers may only be one part of the equation, but they are the source of the problem. We will continue securing our code and eliminating vulnerabilities in order to make the upkeep of cheats more costly and time-consuming," Ubi explains.

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