PUBG Mobile Season 12: Cold Front Mode Tips and Tricks

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PUBG Season 12 has recently had a large patch to add the Cold Front mode to your games. The new and exciting survival matchup gives players a lot more to think about when battling to be the last man standing.

Blasts of cold air batter the players from time to time, forcing you to hunker down inside, build a fire to stay warm, and generally just survive the bitter cold of Vikendi.

It's essentially like The Revenant in video game form. But without having to sleep inside a dead horse. That would be gross. Anyway, here are our tips for making it through the winter.


Drones could help you to victory in PUBG Mobile's new Cold Front Survival mode.
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Drones won't help you survive, per se, but this new addition to PUBG Mobile matches can provide great intel on enemy positions.

Simply boot up the drone to cover your flanks, or recon an area of buildings before you and your team head inside. This could give you the element of surprise over opponents in defensive positions, as well as letting you know exactly where they're hiding out.

Use drones to your advantage, but beware of enemy drones spotting you.

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New Loot

Branches and chicken dinners will be key to keeping your body temperature up in PUBG Mobile's new mode Cold Front Survival.
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There are a couple of new loot items spawning in Vikendi for the Cold Front mode. The first is branches. Now, when the cold winds hit the map, you can find a campfire to keep warm. However, as the fire slowly diminishes, the winds may not be as kind.

Carry a few branches - and if you're on a team carry a few each - to keep the fire stoked and keep your body temperatures up for longer. That extra slither of health could be crucial in a fight.

The other new item to watch out for is a Chicken Dinner. Yes, in PUBG Mobile you no longer have to wait until you win a match to feast on the succulent flesh of a lovely roasted chicken.

No, this new item will restore your health and keep you warm, so keep your eyes peeled. In a scene straight out of Skyrim - where players often ate a whole wheel of cheese and bushels of apples in the middle of a fight to restore health - you can finish a whole roast chicken to keep your health bar, well, healthy.

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Eyes On The Time

Know when the Cold Front is coming to increase your chances of survival.
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As well as the timer between the gas closing in a circle moving, there is now a timer between Cold Fronts.

Keep an eye on this to know when to stockpile firewood, make your way indoors, or desperately find a fire to keep you warm.

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Heater Packs

Use heater packs to your advantage and shelter from the Cold Front. Image courtesy of GuruGamer.
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Image courtesy of GuruGamer

The last new addition to the snowy slopes of Vikendi is Heater Packs, which you'll find dotted about the map. These will keep the body temperatures of your whole team up, even in the midst of the Cold Storm.

Just be careful, as they can leave you and your team quite exposed, and all in one place. We doubt opponents will try to push your position in the middle of a Cold Front, but the warmth is enviable and your position pretty much broadcast.

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