PUBG Mobile Season 13 "Mad Miramar" LIVE: Release Dates, 0.18.0 Update Patch Notes, Royale Pass Rewards, Trailer, Skins, Weapons And More

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PUBG Mobile Season 13 is now LIVE for iOS and Android users to get stuck into.

Season 12 was a landmark chapter for the game - as it celebrated the game's second anniversary.


In the latest update, we've had an update to the weapons (such as the P90 in Arena Mode) and new sights.

A classic mode called Jungle Adventure is also coming, plus additions to Miramar such as a sandstorm.

So what's new in Season 13? Here's everything you need to know.

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  • Latest News
  • Carton Rangers
  • Patch Notes
  • Ranked TDM
  • Royale Battle Rewards
  • New Emotes
  • New Skins
  • New Map - Vikendi 2.0
  • New Mode - Jungle Adventure

Latest News

You can find the latest information about PUBG Mobile Season 13 there.

Mad Miramar Update - 1st May

Mad Miramar launches on May 7th with a slew of new features and gear!

Version 0.18.0 Gets Release Date - 27th April


The new version of PUBG Mobile is set to launch on the 7th May 2020 - as it was officially tweeted from the PUBG Mobile Twitter account.

Rumbling in the distance... something is coming... :sleuth_or_spy:Version 0.18.0 launches on May 7th
April 27, 2020

Carton Rangers

Assemble toys to claim Royale Pass Season 13 exclusive sets!  


Patch Notes


  • Updated Miramar with Sandstorm
  • Win94 with 2.7x Scope
  • Canted Sight Available
  • New Classic Mode Content: Jungle Adventure in Sanhok (Available Soon)
  • New Customizable Weapon System: Guncraft Finishes (Available Soon)
  • New Weapon: P90 in Arena Mode
  • Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground (Available May 13th)
  • Bluehole Mode: Brand New EvoGround Experience (Available Soon)
  • New Anti-Cheating Implementation: Points Protection Against Cheater Kills

"PUBG MOBILE will be pushing out updates starting on May 7th. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires approximately 1.97 GB of storage space on Android devices and 2.21 GB of storage space on iOS devices. Players on different versions won’t be able to invite one another, so be sure to update as soon as possible".

Update Rewards

Update before May 13th to receive:

  • 1 Radio
  • 2,888 BP
  • 3 Lieutenant Parsec Backpack

Whats New?

"We've made some visual updates to the Classic Miramar map and added some new elements".

  • An Oasis has been added to the northern part of the map and Urban Ruins is now to the northwest. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added so you’ll need to pick your landing spot and battles wisely.
  • Added a race track that runs through the whole map and is perfect for motorheads. A racetrack has also been added which runs through the whole map, perfect for motorheads
  • New Miramar Map Vehicle: Golden Mirado. Only 1 will spawn on the map so be the first to claim it and show off your riches in the desert!
  • Miramar's New Vending Machine: Get Energy Drinks or Painkillers from Vending Machines scattered around the map. You might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time!

Sandstorm effects:

  • There is a chance for areas in Miramar and the Main Menu to be ravaged by Sandstorms.

Miramar Main Menu Theme:

  • Update and download the new Miramar map to get the Miramar Main Lobby and music.

Miramar Achievements:

  • Added new Miramar achievements. Play the new Miramar map and complete multiple objectives to get these achievements.

Miramar Events:

  • Complete the new events for great rewards.

EvoGround New Mode: Bluehole Mode (coming soon).

  • EvoGround - Bluehole Mode: Erangel will now have 2 zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition which will represent the next play zone location. Players will lose health while in this inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear.
  • All supplies spawn with a 50% increase over the Classic Mode Erangel map and players can revive downed teammates in 4 seconds.

New Arena Content: New Weapon - P90

  • The P90 has been added to the Arena and it’s a fearsome weapon in close quarters combat.
  • This weapon fires 9mm rounds and has a default magazine capacity of up to 50 shots. It has three different firing modes: single, burst, and full-auto.
  • The P90 can be equipped with all SMG Muzzle attachments, 1x-6x Scope, and the Laser Sight.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused players to fall to their death when jumping off of a moving Pickup.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some vehicles to drift significantly on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where the button sound was misconfigured or went missing in the current screen.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lagging in battle when HDR +60 fps was enabled in some high-performance devices.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lagging when other players entered a player's field of vision.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some screens to lag.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resolution display errors when switching between the large and small screen display of the Samsung foldable screen.

You can check out the full patch notes here!

Ranked TDM

There is now a ranked version of TDM called 'Ranked Arena', complete with a leaderboard! You can start grinding now for that number one spot!


Season 13 Reward Leaks

Rewards for the next season have been leaked by a number of data miners.


When Will PUBG Mobile Season 13 Start?

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 0.18.0 update arrived on the 9th May 2020.

Although it's not confirmed, if we apply the same pattern that Season 12 followed we can get a good estimate.


The Season 12 Royale Pass is set to end on the 11th May 2020 at 12am GMT, with Season 13 beginning on the 12th May 2020 at 2am GMT.

Season 12 ranks will end and reset on 12th May 12am GMT, with Season 13 ranks beginning at 2am GMT.

pubg mobile season 12 end date

New Emotes

A new emote is coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13 called "Joyful Twist", according to several YouTubers.

pubg mobile season 13 new emote joyful twist

Photo via Technical Emperor


There's also a new emote called "Shuffling Hands" as well as "Talk to the Hand".

New Skins

There's also a gem-studded Dacia up for grabs.

New Lego-themed skins are coming for weapons, this includes a Lego-themed P92 and Lego-themed Vector.

There will also be a new skin for the AUG, though it is not under the “Toys Playground” theme.

pubg mobile season 13 gemstudded dacia



New Map - Vikendi 2.0

Just like Erangle 2.0, PUBG Mobile will introduce a new Vikendi 2.0 according to many YouTubers - a new trailer has surfaced.

It's believed this is due to the lack of numbers playing the map currently.

New Mode - Surfing

Jungle Adventure is a new mode for Season 13 in PUBG Mobile.

It includes a re-skinned map fit with totem poles you can invoke for loot, and hot air balloons you can take to the skies.


This clears up the building camping in-game, and allows for a more open-field experience waiting 6 seconds to invoke totems for loot out in the open.

It was rumoured that a new surfing mode could appear in PUBG Mobile Season 13.