Psychonauts 2: Loboto's Labyrinth Hatbox Emotional Baggage Location

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One of the first pieces of emotional baggage you'll come across in Psychonauts 2 is the Hatbox. It can be found in the conference room of Dr Loboto's mind. You won't be able to get to it at first, but walking near the area will trigger Raz to call out to the Hatbox. Here's how to reunite the Hatbox Tag with the Hatbox, and complete the Hatbox Emotional Baggage collectible.

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Psychonauts 2: Loboto's Labyrinth Hatbox Emotional Baggage Location

Once you've entered the conference area of Dr Loboto's level, you will see a poster with a set of teeth on the left side of the room. The area immediately after this is the one with the Tooth Fairies, so it's easy to find. You will need Pyrokinesis to burn the poster, which you will get from Lili later on.

The location of the Hatbox, with a poster circled in red. The Emotional Baggage is hidden behind it.
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Because you'll need Pyro to get to the Hatbox, you will need to pick it up on your second playthrough of this stage. The tag is found to the right of the long table as you make your way through the room. Once you have the tag, and Pyrokinesis, walk up to the poster circled in the image above and hold LB/L1. You'll see an orange outline on the poster. Release the button and burn it to reveal the Hatbox.

There's a Scavenger Hunt to be completed while playing through Psychonauts 2. Visit our Walkthrough for tips on finding all 16 items.

That's all you need to know about finding the Hatbox Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our story on how the game was completed without resorting to crunch.


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