Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Locations Walkthrough

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There are 16 items to find as part of the Scavenger Hunt in Psychonauts 2, and most cannot be found until late in the game. As such, we recommend keeping an eye out for Scavenger Items while you play, but understand that it's easier to mop them all up once you've finished the main story. Here's how to get the Astronaught Ice Cream, Signed Copy of Mindswarm, and other items. We'll also detail what you get as a reward for handing them all in.


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Table of Contents

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Locations Walkthrough

Each of the 16 items included in the Scavenger Hunt optional mission in Psychonauts 2 is well hidden. Some will require specific powers to get to, so we recommend you have unlocked the Time Bubble and Projection powers, so that you can unlock Narrow Slots. Here are the items that you will need to collect:

  • Agent Orientation Laserdisc
  • Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Beehive Shaped Like My Phone
  • Can of Corn
  • Day Old Sushi
  • Deck of Cards
  • Enemy Surveillance Device
  • Human Skull
  • Mini Murder Bug Bot
  • Novelty Mug
  • Psitanium Knife
  • Psychonauts Name Plaque
  • Signed Copy of Mindswarm
  • Switchblade Hatchet
  • Unexploded Bomb
  • Viking Helmet
The menu for the Scavenger Hunt in Psychonauts 2 showing the items that need to be found.

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

To get the Agent Orientation Laserdisk you will need to head to Otto's Lab in the Quarry. It's opposite the Motherlobe, and can be found by checking the Quarry map if needed. Head inside and jump over Otto's counter. Go around towards the right and you will see an electrified floor. You can use your Levitation Ball to cross safely.

Astronaut Ice Cream


Go to the Nerve Centre located in the Atrium. You will find the key members of the Psychonauts surrounded by computers, one of which has a green screen.

Interact with the green screen, and then look around to see where the next one is. Keep following this chain of green computer screens until you get the Astronauts Ice Cream.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

Once you arrive in Green Needle Gulch, follow the pools of honey up to Cassie's Hive. Jump up onto the level where the entrance is located.


Once you're there, head around to the back of the hive. You'll need to avoid the pools of honey here, but will come across the 'Beehive that looks like my phone' item.

Can of Corn

For this item you will need to head to the Aquato family campsite in the Questionable Area. Look for the Cave of the Sassclops to the left of the camp entrance.. There's a campfire inside that you can use Pyro on. Then use your Levitation balloon to rise up and onto a ledge. The Can of Corn can be found here.

Day Old Sushi


This one is very easy to find. Just go to the Atrium and then into the Noodle Restaurant. The Day Old Sushi is sitting out in front of the food counter.

Deck of Cards

You'd be forgiven for missing the Deck of Cards the first time around, as you'll need to do some bowling in the Bowling Alley to get it. Use your Telekinesis power to pick up bowling balls and throw then at the pins.

Do this enough times and the Deck of Cards will appear out of the ball returner. We had to bowl four times to get this to happen.

Enemy Surveillance Device


The Enemy Surveillance device can be found by heading to the Atrium and then into the Classroom area. There's a closet labelled 'Artifact Storage' that can be accessed. Go inside and use Pyro on the large picture ahead.

There's a door with a narrow slot in this new area. Use your Projection ability and send your Archetype through to open the door. The device can be found in this room.

Human Skull

There's a Funicular vehicle at the back of the Questionable Area, a sort of motorised train ride. The skull is sat on the carriage to the left as you enter. You will need to look around the area for gears, pick them up and place them to start the machine.

Mini Murder Bug Bot


Start by fast travelling to the Heptadome, before turning around and going towards the large pink ball-shaped house shown below:

You'll find a ladder inside that leads up to a doorway blocked by thorns. Use your Pyro ability on the thorns and step out. The Murder Bot is to your left.

Novelty Mug

The Novelty Mug is located in the Lumberjack restaurant found in the Questionable Area Parking Lot. Go inside and look for a narrow slot door to the left of the counter.


Use your Projection Ability to get inside. The Mug is up on a shelf to your left as you enter.

Psitanium Knife

The Psitanium Knife can be found by looking for Lilli's secret garden. As you exit the Motherlobe, head to the right. This cave is located in the upper left corner of the Quarry Map. Enter the cave and make your way up to the top.

Psychonauts Name Plaque


You'll get this item by interacting with a specific door in Psychonauts HQ. Go to the Agents section from the Atrium.

Make your way around the corridor until you reach the door shown in the image above. Interact with it to get the Name Plaque.

Signed Copy of Mindswarm

To get a Signed Copy of Mindswarm you will either need to speak to Cassie O'Pea when you first meet her, selecting the option from her dialogue menu, or visit her after the story. For the latter, go to the Heptadome and follow the green needle vines. Go around the corner to the right until you find Cassie. Speak to her and she will sign your copy of Mindswarm.


Switchblade Hatchet

Go to the Questionable Area and look for the spinning waterwheel outside the family camp. Use the rocks in the river to hop next to the wheel. Use your Time Bubble ability to slow it, and then climb on.


From the top of the wheel, jump onto the rooftop. The Switchblade is located at the front of the roof here.

Unexploded Bomb

Next we have the Unexploded Bomb. Travel to the Quarry and look for the entrance to the Questionable Area. It has a sort of wooden crane as a landmark to head for.


There's a campfire to the left of the crane. Use Pyro on it and then ride the updraft to the plank suspended above. The Unexploded Bomb can be picked up here.

Viking Helmet

Finally, we have the Viking helmet. This can be found behind the hippy van. Just head to the Heptadome and follow the honey. There's a van to your right which you can move behind. The Helmet can be found here.



Once you've found all 16 Scavenger Hunt items, go visit Norma outside of the classroom. She'll give you back your original outfit, the camp clothes. These can be changed into at the Bathroom.

That's all you need to know about finding all of the Scavenger Hunt items in Psychonauts 2. For more help with the game, check out our guide on using blue grapple points. Elsewhere, there's our guide on unlocking Photomode Filters.